The Trump Report: An October Surprise From The FBI

. An October Surprise From The FBI In case you’ve been asleep for the past 24 hours the latest big election news is that FBI director James Comey has told Congress the bureau is investigating newly found information relating to … Continue reading →

The Trump Report: The Kaine Mutiny

. The Kaine Mutiny These days Tim Kaine is best buddies with the Clintons. He’s her VP pick and he happily appears at numerous gatherings with both of them. A few years ago, however, Crooked Hillary’s VP felt very differently … Continue reading →

The Trump Report: 9/11 Families Betrayed

. 9/11 Families Betrayed The Senate last week unanimously passed a Bill that allegedly made it easier for 9/11 families to sue Saudi Arabia and other foreign terror sponsors. The passage of the Bill was widely heralded as a major … Continue reading →

The Trump Report – Naked Ambition: Thankfully She Kept Her Clothes On!

Naked Ambition What is it with Hillary Clinton that she (a) wants to be President; (b) thinks she would make a good President; (c) believes she is ‘entitled’ to be President; and, (d) imagines there are enough idiots in the … Continue reading →