The Trump Report: The Work Begins

. The Work Begins Week one of the Trump Presidency has been completed and he is wasting no time starting the process of making America great again. Here is a look at the President’s First Week in the Oval Office: … Continue reading →

The Trump Report: Obama Blocks More Emails

. Obama Blocks More Emails Obama’s State Department is blocking the release of any emails from Crooked Hillary while she served as Secretary of State related to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal until after November’s presidential election. The emails … Continue reading →

The Trump Report – A Dose Of The Pundits

A Dose Of The Pundits A lot of Trump Reports have mentioned the fact that the political pundits really hate Donald Trump. Most of them have been wrongly predicting his demise – some of them even before he entered the Presidential … Continue reading →

The Trump Report – Can Trump Win?

Can Trump Win? We know how well Donald Trump has been performing with the public and in the polls. But we also know it is very early days yet. Even so he has done well enough to pose the question, … Continue reading →