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Contacting The Trump Report — 13 Comments

  1. Thank you for your support. It is much appreciated. I hope you continue to read and enjoy The TRUMP Report.

    This website is not asking for donations at the moment. We are self financing it as our contribution to the overall effort to support Mr. Trump. We may in the future place a donation button on the site as the campaign continues and our workload increases.

    In the meantime should you wish to contribute directly to Mr. Trump’s election campaign you may do so via the following link

  2. I signed up for the Trump caucus here in Dayton,NV and I think must have missed an email notifying me of the nearest caucus to Dayton,Nevada,

  3. Dear,
    Sir I know Mr. Trump has good security around him but many of us are concerned for his welfare. As established GOP people and democrats become more threatened with his candidacy, the greater likelihood he comes under greater risk. Would you please just think about occasional changes in publicity such as televised instead of live in some cases. When I see the officers work these venues like they have their “A” game on, it should que your team that there is a more aggressive element in the crowd. I wouldnt put it past liberals to try to start fights or riots in these crowds. And I really don’t want our secret service or police officers hurt in the mix. Thank you Mr. Trump. I know it’s hard, keep going!

    • Thank you for your concern.
      Mr. Trump has made a very brave decision to leave a life of luxury to participate in this election in the hope of fixing a lot of what is wrong with America. He will face opposition not only from liberals but from the establishment within the Republican Party, the dangers of which he is no doubt well aware.
      I will pass you message on.

  4. I am a strong supporter for Trump but his recent speeches are getting somewhat boring. He appears kind of petty and harps on the same issue way too long. Someone needs to correct this.

  5. Trump needs to speak more presidential. He continues to make snide remarks. He should start calling Hillary “Evil Hillary” or “Corrupt Hillary”. She has gone beyond crooked and lying.

  6. I saw a news article that Trump will endorse Ryan. Surely he will not endors a person that would roadblock everything he plans for making America great again. Say it ain’t so. Also, His campaign manager appears incompetent How could Trump’s state in a campaign rally that he saw a video of the ransom offload? I thin his manager or others are moles to give him bad advice.

  7. wow! the so-called liberal media are all over mr. trump because he used the p word. i wonder what did bill say to monica when he brought her into the oval office. if mr. trump is not elected we are all shagged. i live in sth ireland having spent some yrs in new york. in this little country we have 5 well known tax-exiles bono being one of them ,they are all major contributors to the clinton foundation. one of these called denis o brien has major input into all this e.g. HAITI.just google the moriarty or mahon tribunals ,this cost the irish tax-payers over €100 million. he is currently involved in serious litigation with anyone who would stick out their tongue at him.ignore mr. trump all these so-called people who are upset, make AMERICA great and safe again. at the moment we have massive immigration into our small country whilst we have our own people living in doorways.
    remember what hillary said to the secret service agent who greeted her with GOOD MORNING MRS CLINTON GO F— YOURSELF. YOUR COMMENT I WOULD MAINTAIN WAS MINOR.

  8. I sent this letter to, but figuring it got buried under the thousands of emails he gets, I thought I’d include it here. This concerns the U.N. and is as follows:

    Mr. President:

    Your work to defund U.N. oriented causes and organizations is most commendable. Why not take it to the full and completely withdraw America from the United Nations? Everything you lament concerning what has happened to America has come through the U.N., so if internationalist cancer makes you sick, let’s eradicate the tumor via H.R 193.

    It is a gross error to think that the United Nations was originally set up with good intentions, and then later corrupted by those who hijacked it. The fact is they were originally set up by a satanic conglomerate in 1945 with the intention of dissolving America’s sovereignty and subjugating it to an all-powerful one-world government.

    So if your design is to keep America sovereign and free so that U.N. policy can have no bearing upon America, then you’ll want to get America out of the U.N. altogether. And if you can bring yourself so far, send them from our shores! Why should this brood of vipers be allowed to use our glorious land as a convenient platform to advance the downfall of America to the empowerment of a global elite? Who has authorized them to supervise our commerce, our trade, our military, and the very way Americans think, act, and speak? Are we living in Aldous Huxley’s brave new world of being chicken?

    Your work to rebuild the military is perhaps the best point of your administration—that and the wall. Beautiful! I pray that our military from thence will be 100% under your jurisdiction and in the service of America ONLY. Let it never again be said that the U.N. used America’s troops to go fight in this or that war which was designed to make the U.N. strong against us.

    Remember too, it is the U.N. that is generating this influx of Syrian “refugees” into the west, which is why they are waging such a vicious war against your E.O. through Robart. The Jihads are just the dogs on their leash, but the global cabal is really at the helm. I’d withdraw all funding and support of this global octopus. Praying you will.


    David Martin
    Moderator, St Michael’s Radio

    P.S. Your kicking off your administration on a strong pro-life note providentially foreshadows an administration of life and liberty for America. Keep it pro-life and blessings will be yours.

  9. Obama gave Billions to Iran and he worked on building relationships between the United States and the Islamic Countries.These Countries hate us but we never heard a peep from the media or special interest groups.Now everyone is up in arms over Russia? General Flynn is getting a hard time when under Obama the U>S tapped Angela Merkel’s phone.

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