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When Vladimir Met Megyn

It was the debut episode of NBC’s ‘Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly’.

It could have been so good.

It was a very rare opportunity to question Russian President Vadimir Putin about so many important world issues. It was a chance to try to get an insight into the mind of one of the most influential men in the world today.

Putin Kelly NBC interviewInstead, what we got was a hopeless and useless regurgitation of the mainstream media’s obsession with the 2016 election when their darling candidate, Corrupt and Crazy Crooked Hillary Clinton was on the receiving end of a humiliating defeat at the hands of Donald Trump.

Given the opportunity of a lifetime poor Megyn just did not come close to the mark.

She wasted her time, and ours, with mundane and stupid questions, asking Putin about whether or not he and his associates meddled in the election.

All that that achieved was to give a opening to Putin to flip the conversation to the numerous times the U.S. has actively interfered with politics in foreign countries.

Kelly should have seen that one coming a mile away, but so fixated is she and the MSM on the 2016 election in the US, she missed the ball completely.

Her response, “That sounds like a justification” was pathetic.

Putin during Megyn Kelly NBC interviewWhen he saw the level of investigative journalism that he was up against it was clear that Putin quickly grew impatient and very dismissive of Kelly and her mundane questions.

When she bored on with silly questions about General Flynn or Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner – both of whom the liberal left and the MSM are desperate to link to the Russians – Putin shot them down one after the other like clay pigeons.

On the subject of Russian ambassador Sergey Kyslyak he told Kelly, “Do you think I have time to talk to every ambassador around the world every day? That’s complete nonsense.”

And he was right, Kelly’s questions – in fact the whole interview – was nonsense.

Summing up the sorry debacle Putin added, “You created a sensation about nothing. You people are so creative over there. Your lives must be boring.”

Maybe he was taking it a bit far to say our lives were boring, but as regards Megyn Kelly and her interview he was spot on – it was boring!





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