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Another Case Of

Russian Deflection

One of the politicians pushing the Trump/Russian conspiracy theory very hard is top Democrat Sen. Mark Warner of Virginia.

Dem Sen Mark WarnerBut guess who really has a relationship with Russia?

You’re way ahead of me. Yes, none other than the above-mentioned Democrat Sen. Mark Warner.

In 2012, he got millions from a Russian tech company.

According to reports, it appears that Warner made over $6 million investing in Russian tech company Yandex. Yandex, based in Moscow, is the largest search engine in the region.

By getting involved in this deal and profiting from it did Warner create a conflict of interest?

And the much more important question, is he using the conspiracy that Trump is working with Russia to deflect attention away from his own involvement with the Russians?

Even while Donald Trump was still trying to win the Republican Party nomination, the Democrats were pushing the Russia conspiracy theory.

Since he won the Presidency inflicting a humiliating defeat on their corrupt candidate Crooked Hillary the conspiracy cries have become even worse.

And all without a shred of evidence to support them.

Putin Warner TrumpStill in shock and hurting from their wildly wrong election predictions, the fake news mainstream media has spent countless hours promoting the Russia conspiracy too. But strangely they haven’t uttered a word about Warner!

But while the Russia conspiracy is only a desperate distraction by the left, it is allowing them an excuse for endless and completely unnecessary obstructions of President Trump’s goal of Making America Great Again.

That means the liberal left is working against you, the American people. Make sure you take that on board before voting in any future election.




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