The Trump Report: Looney Clooney

Open border apologist and actor George Clooney went on vacation to the to the United Kingdom after the election of President Trump. He said it was because of the election of President Trump – and he said that because it got him more publicity.

looney ClooneyBut now, after just a few months, looney Clooney is slinking back into the United States.

The reason?

Don’t laugh (well you can if you want to)

It’s because security concerns scared the looney Clooneys away from their UK mansion.

It appears that looney Clooney’s mansion in Studio City, California, was more secure, and it’s within minutes of an LAPD station.

Smell the hypocrisy?


Looney Clooney has decided that the United States, under the stewardship of President Trump, is the safest place to live with the threat of Islamic extremists ever-growing.

The weak immigration policies of the UK and the EU regarding george-cloony-buys-london-estatemigrants which Clooney praised, is now good enough for the rest of the world but not for him and his ife and family. The UK is now housing roughly 23,000 known Islamic terrorists.

President Trump has enacted policies to keep this country safe and hopefully even looney Clooney will start to recognize this as he slinks back to the safer USA.

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