Time To Call Time On John McCain

Most Americans know that since President Trump took office in January and started to make good on his election pledges to the people, he has been faced with endless obstructions and delays.

This is true in both Congress and Senate, but particularly so in the latter. Senate confirmation hearings have been sooooo slow it has become an embarrassment.

The Democrats are still so stunned at President Trump’s victory and the humiliation of their own corrupt candidate Crooked Hillary that they have been trying to make the Trump Presidency as difficult as possible.

They’ve even resorted to blaming the Russians for Crooked Hillary’s failures without a shred of evidence to support their claims.

If that were all President Trump had to contend with it would be bad enough.

Unfortunately, however, he also has traitors within his own party – establishment hacks – who are determined to be as awkward and unsupportive as possible.

One of the main culprits has been 80 year old Senator John McCain, a Republican In Name Only if ever there was one.

McCain has gotten away with his treacherous antics mainly because of his seniority. People are reluctant to talk about the old elephant (or in this case RINO) in the room.

But enough is enough!

One of his attempts to undermine the President affects the national security of the country,

Shanahan mccainWay back in March, President Trump nominated Boeing executive Patrick Shanahan to the deputy secretary of defense position.

Now, MONTHS later, the Senate confirmation hearings have just begun. But worse than that, the hearings could be delayed again, thanks to none other than John McCain.

According to reports, McCain supposedly found Shanahan’s answers regarding Ukraine and their Boeing ties “not satisfactory.”

When Shanaghan responded to a question by the aged Senator regarding providing the Ukrainians with defense weaponry, by saying he would “have to look at the issue, as he didn’t have all the information,” McCain accused Shanahan of dodging the question.

“Not a good beginning. Not a good beginning.” McCain chided as if talking to a wayward school boy. “Do not do that again, Mr. Shanahan, or I will not take your name up for a vote before this committee.”

All this came in the wake of McCain’s previous declaration in April that Shanahan had an “excellent reputation” and that’s why the confirmation process could continue smoothly.

This the type of bureaucratic obstructive nonsense that one might expect from a Democrat, especially one on the make and eager for publicity.

But from a senior member of the GOP?


McCain was also instrumental in the Senate’s embarrassing failure to repeal the Affordable Care Act, better known as ObamaCare.

At that time we weren’t sure why McCain voted the way he did. Most of us thought it was just another way he could get a ‘dig’ at President Trump.

Biden-and-McCainHowever, there are now reports that Obama’s former Vice President Joe Biden called McCain to plead with him to keep ObamaCare in place.

The phone call apparently centered around McCain’s recent cancer diagnosis, and Biden begging him to reconsider.

And then last week McCain again made a fool of himself and his party by attacking President Trump’s decision to pardon veteran sheriff Joe Arpaio, convicted on a politically contrived charge initiated by the corrupt Obama Justice Department.

If John McCain’s only contribution to the political process is needless and groundless obstruction, even in matters that affect the national security of the nation, then he is doing much more harm than good.

The time for McCain to retire is long overdue.

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