Proof Of Voter Fraud

The Democrat party has told so many lies about the last election it would be difficult to list them all in one article.

But one of the most dangerous lies is the lie that voter fraud does not exist- it does.

Not content with wanting to open America’s borders to let anyone and everyone into the country – and create more voters for their party, the Democrats add insult to injury by committing voter fraud on an industrial scale.

Make no mistake about it, voter fraud is a real problem in America.

voter fraud is a felonyThe liberal left and its mainstream media cronies ignore the problem but there are real and damaging consequences to the democratic process in this country because of their deceit.

Thankfully more evidence is coming to light. Recently Kris Kobach, the Vice Chairman of the Presidential Commission on Election Integrity and Kansas Secretary of State, reports that Crooked Hillary may have fraudulently won 4 electoral votes from New Hampshire.

New Hampshire, along with fourteen other states, allow same-day voter registration. It’s popular among those who can’t be bothered to register in advance, but it does not give the state any time to assess the legality and eligibility of the voter.

It invites fraud.

For many years there have been allegations that Democrats from neighboring Massachusetts and Vermont cross over into swing-state New Hampshire to cast votes. It happens in other states too.

Now we have proof.

As Kris Kobach explains:

“According to statistics released by the Speaker of the New Hampshire House of Representatives, on the date of the general election in November 2016, there were 6,540 same-day registrants who registered to vote in New Hampshire using an out-of-state driver’s license to prove their identity. In and of itself, that doesn’t prove that any fraud occurred – theoretically, each of those individuals could have been someone who recently moved to the State and had not yet had time to get a New Hampshire driver’s license. According to New Hampshire law, a new resident has 60 days to obtain a New Hampshire driver’s license.

“So if those 6,540 voters were bona fide New Hampshire residents, they would get their driver’s license no later than January 7, 2017. However, the numbers tell a very different story. It turns out that, as of August 30, 2017 – nearly ten months after the election – only 1,014 of the 6,540 same-day registrants who registered with an out-of-state license had obtained a New Hampshire driver’s license. The other 5,526 individuals never obtained a New Hampshire driver’s license. And, of those 5,526, only 213 registered a vehicle in New Hampshire.

“So 5,313 of those voters neither obtained a New Hampshire driver’s license nor registered a vehicle in New Hampshire. They have not followed the legal requirements for residents regarding driver’s licenses, and it appears that they are not actually residing in New Hampshire. It seems that they never were bona fide residents of the State.“

Did-Hillary-Clinton-Really-Win-The-Popular-VoteCrooked Hillary won the state with 2,732 votes. In other words, just as she stole the nomination from Bernie Sanders with the help of other crooks in the DNC, Crooked Hillary stole the NH election – a swing state that was thought at the time to be crucial to the election outcome.

In the end it wasn’t crucial at all, because Donald Trump won by a healthy margin, but that does not lessen Crooked Hillary’s intent to steal the election.

So, voter fraud is real. It leaves the way open for a corrupt candidate to undermine the democratic process and steal elections.

Small wonder the Democrats want to talk about the Russians instead.

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