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North Korea’s Nut-Job

While most of the talk in the press and elsewhere has been about Iran’s sponsorship of radical Islamic terrorism and the stupid deal done by Obama, Clinton and Kerry that will, in the not too distant future, give the Iranians nuclear weapons, very little time and effort has been spent analysing North Korea.

North Korea is one of the most dangerous countries in the world. It already possesses nuclear weapons and is presently perfecting a delivery method for this deadly and destructive payload.

Kim Jong-un with his generalsOn top of that the country is ruled by a total nut-job and a bunch of militaristic and jingoistic army generals.

Over the years of the Bush and Obama administrations North Korea has continued to test their missiles and nuclear bombs.

Bush did nothing about it – except for inexplicably taking North Korea off the list of states spnsoring terrorism – because he became fixated on invading Iraq and generally got himself bogged down in the Middle East quagmire.

Obama did nothing about it because he did nothing about any real threat to America and its allies. Like Bush he was fixated on other distractions, in his case wondering if cow farts had anything to do with causing global warming.

Thus far any international action that has been taken against North Korea has filtered through the United Nations and, as always, has been weak and ineffective.

Imposing sanctions on a country like North Korea is ineffective.

kim-north-korea-missileFor one thing, it is only the ordinary people who suffer economically. The nut-job and generals in charge are well insulated from any such consequences.

For another thing, North Korea is a dictatorship, which means that the ordinary people do not have the capability to overthrow the regime internally and therefore those in charge don’t care if their people are suffering or not – they simply use their propaganda machine blame the West for any and all problems.

Recently, of course, they will have to put some of the blame on China too, since, at long last, it has entered the sanctions effort, stopping all coal imports from North Korea.

This is significant for two reasons. One, because coal is North Korea’s major trading commodity. It pays for the nuclear bombs and the missiles, so it may make the regime sit up and take a little bit more notice. And two, because it places diplomatic distance between North Korea and China, and makes the latter less likely to step in and take North Korea’s side if any conflict were to arise. In other words there is less liklihood of a repeat of what happened during the Korean war dring the 1950s.

This week the whole North Korean problem has hit the headlines again.

Now we have emerging evidence that the assassination of Kim Jong-nam – North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s exiled elder brother – was carried out using a WMD, namely a biological weapon, leading many people to believe that the North Korean regime is busy manufacturing biological weapons as well as nuclear bombs.

It all bodes ill for the future, except for one glimmer of hope.

Trump on terrorismThe years of Bush distractions and Obama dithering are over. Thankfully we now have a President in charge who is willing to make hard decisions and to make them quickly. The Pentagon has already released a statement saying that they would address the defiance of North Korea immediately.

It is undoubtedly time the US put North Korea back on its list of state sponsors of terrorism. Everything they do is designed to terrorize their neighbors. And considering the mental instability of those in charge, North Korea is not beyond giving assistance to any terrorist group that wishes to procure nuclear or chemical weapons to be used against America or its allies.





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