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Sweden’s Silent Immigration Crisis

Swedish immigration crisisDuring a recent speech in Melbourne Florida, President Trump caused a furore among the liberal biased mainstream media when he mentioned Sweden as an example of a country where uncontrolled immigration had led to serious problems.

The MSM were all over it within minutes, accusing Trump of making some kind of gaff. But nothing could be further from the truth.

Sweden is paying a massive price for its liberal politically correct acceptance of huge numbers of unvetted immigrants, many of them Muslims.

Worse than this, the Swedish government is involved in a massive cover up. It is afraid to admit it made a huge error, lest the Prime Minister and other Swedish politicians be accused of racism or worse. They have been caught in their own politically correct net and would rather lie to their own people and to the world than admit their mistake.

The sad fact is that since Sweden’s stupid decision to admit large numbers of undocumented immigrants into their country crime has increased dramatically.

Indidences of rapes, assaults, extortion, blackmail, murder, attempted murder, violence against police and robberies are all up. Sweden has now the dubious distinction of being the rape capital of the world.

Although they try to hide it by ensuring that no ethnicity markers are published in official government statistics, it is well known that the majority of perpetrators of this increased crime wave are from Muslim-majority countries, principally Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia and Turkey.

President Trump was using Sweden as an example of what would happen in the United States if the disastrous open-border immigration trend of the Obama/Clinton era was not stopped.

The liberal left want to allow anyone and everyone into America in the hope of getting more votes. They could care less about the safety of the country and its people.

Thank goodness President Trump is here to make America safe again.






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