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The Flynn Conspiracy

One of the big headline grabbers of the past few days has been the surprise resignation of White House national security adviser Michael Flynn.

mike-flynn-resignsThe official story from the White House about Flynn concentrates on his failure to adequately inform the president about a series of phone calls with Russian officials.

Trump administration officials subsequently stated that Flynn’s efforts to mislead the president and vice president about his contacts with Russia could not be tolerated.

A statement released by Flynn late Monday evening took responsibility.


Secret Conspiracy

However, it now appears that the pressure leading up to Flynn’s resignation has been caused by a larger, secretive conspiracy, undertaken over several months, by former Obama administration confidantes.

The secret campaign has been going on since well before Inauguration Day, and has consisted of a series of politicized leaks aimed firstly to embarrass Flynn, but ultimately to undermine the Trump Administration.

Their purpose was to frustrate President Trump’s national security policies and in particular to stop him dismantling Obama’s horrendous nuclear deal with Iran.

It was the job of the conspirators, including former Obama administration adviser Ben Rhodes, to plant a series of damaging stories about Flynn in the national media.

Obama loyalists saturated media outlets with stories aimed at eroding Flynn’s credibility. Of course the fake news media were more than happy to accept any information that was anti the Trump administration.

iran deal cartoonFlynn was a well known opponent of the Iran nuclear deal. He was known to want to release to the public secret details of the nuclear deal with Iran that the Obama administration had spent years lying about and trying to hide.

So, if you thought that America was now safe from the harm Obama has been trying to do now that he is no longer President, think again.

After they left the White House, top members of the Obama administration’s national security team launched a communications infrastructure that they are using to undermine President Trump’s foreign policy, which is totally different to the damaging terror-appeasing Obama years.

The resignation of Flynn has been a victory for America’s enemies, which includes former Obama loyalists and the radical Islamic Iranian mullahs, all of whom have been celebrating the fact that Flynn is gone before he could reveal their dirty little secrets.

It will be interesting to see if, when and how these Obama conspirators will further their attacks and who in the Trump administration will be their next target.

President Trump should begin draining the swamp by getting rid of any more Obama remnants still with access to the White House.  They are no friends of his and no friends of America.





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