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Refugee Crisis

The refugee crisis has been overwhelming many countries, particularly in Europe. So much so that the issue of immigration has influenced not only the Brexit vote in June that took the UK out of the European Union, but also politics within many other EU member nations, notably France, Germany and The Netherlands.

refugees crisis in europe

Refugees crisis in Europe

The reaction of the indigenous peoples of the various countries in Europe that have been overwhelmed by refugees has been caused in good part by the ingratitude and arrogant criminal behavior of many of the refugees. That criminal behavior includes rapes, robberies, aggravated assault, extortion, blackmail, violence against police, drug crime, murder and attempted murder, to name but a few.

In the American presidential election last November the issue of immigration also played a significant role. Donald Trump was the only candidate to highlight the problem, which everyone knew was there but were intimidated out of saying so by the politically correct liberal socialist left.

Thankfully when it came to casting their ballots the majority of people had the good sense to vote for the only candidate who would face the issue head on. And so we now have President Trump who is doing his best to live up to his election promises.

trump Immigration PolicySadly, however, it seems from the recent reaction of various courts in the United States that justice is blind to the truth. American judges have apparently learned nothing from what is happening in Europe and are failing to stop the same catastrophe from engulfing the United States.

Interestingly the refugees who are causing the criminality, disruption and general drain of resources in Europe are from Syria, Iraq, Turkey, Afghanistan, and Somalia – the very countries identified as problem areas by US intelligence organisations and the countries that are the subject of President Trump’s calls for increased vetting before their citizens are allowed to come to America.

President Trump’s analysis is correct. Without proper vetting people from these terrorist infested nations should not be allowed into the United States. It is, as Trump says, a matter of national security.

But once again the liberal socialists, particularly in the media, have promoted fake news about President Trump’s recent Executive Order.

trump executive orderThey would like us to believe that President Trump has called for a ban on all Muslims entering the United States. He has not. All his Executive Order does is make it harder for potential terrorists, from nations clearly identified as having the dual problems of (a) a large number of terrorists and (b) very poor documentation about their citizens, to come to the United States. Without the extreme vetting proposed by President Trump the truth is that we have no idea who we would be allowing into the country.

They would also like us to believe that the refugees are all innocent women and children just trying to get away from civil wars.

Again, however, the truth is very different. The majority of the refugees are men, and as the European experience has shown, many of them are also criminals.

It is time the judiciary, the media and the liberal socialist left wakened up to the fact that the terror-appeasing Obama era is over.

Now we have a new President who deals in reality and who has the courage to face up to the threats against this nation and the American people.

He has the support of the vast majority of the American people. He deserves the support of the judiciary as well.





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