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Anti-America multi billionaire George Soros is still using his money to spread hate and anti-Trump propaganda.

George-SorosHe was a major donor to the Crooked Hillary campaign and after the American people rejected her, Soros financed numerous recount efforts that also failed.

He has also been the instigator and financial backer of many of the anti-Trump protests, including those involving violence and intimidation, that the mainstream media publicize so willingly.

If it is anti-American, Soros will support it.

Soros has used part of his great wealth to “buy” many within the Democrat Party. Democrats who used to work on Capitol Hill are helping to disrupt Republican lawmakers’ town hall meetings across the country through a nationwide effort to oppose and “resist” President Trump’s agenda.

They call their group ‘Indivisible Guide’, a name that came from an actual guide posted online telling activists how to pressure members of Congress.

Longstanding liberal groups MoveOn, the Working Families Party, and the American Civil Liberties Union have joined Indivisible Guide’s effort.

Hate Agenda

Now Soros is also using his wealth to conspire with some major companies to further his hate agenda.

He is a big stockholder in Amazon, recently increasing his stake in the online giant by a more than 200%. He now owns $33.08 million worth of shares.

It is probably not a coincidence that Amazon has recently been in the news for their moves towards robotic employees rather than humans. Nothing would please Soros more than to put as many of Amazon’s 300,000 employees out of work as he can.

Soros has also made a recent investment in media giant Netflix. He added $13.05 million shares worth of the company to his portfolio.

Again it is hardly coincidental that Netflix is releasing a new original series called “Dear White People,” billed as a “satirical look at post racial America following the experiences of black students at a predominantly white Ivy League college,” but in effect an obviously anti-white show.

This is racist. Just as the Soros-funded Black Lives Matter is racist. But because they are coming from the liberal socialist left, that tag will never be used against them by the MSM.

Soros-Trump-EOIt is blatant propaganda to influence the public and justify more anarchy and violence on the streets of America.

The big question is, when will Soros be held accountable for his attacks on America and American values?

When he clearly hates America so much perhaps he should leave. He could probably afford to buy somewhere like Venezuela, the latest shining example of the success of his socialist ideals.





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