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Thank Goodness

The Madness Is Over

The scale of President Obama’s stupidity is mind-blowing.

During his administration he set a record by issuing almost one hundred thousand pages of regulations (97,110 to be exact) for nearly 4,000 new federal rules. The estimated cost of all this – almost $350 billion!

OBAMA red tapeIt now falls to President Trump to try to undo as much of this nonsense as he can and as quickly as he can.

Thankfully he has hit the ground running, already scraping the horrific TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) deal and preparing the way for many more changes that are needed to make America great again.

Many of Obama’s regulations have been mentioned in the press, such as the Obamacare employer mandate, or the Environmental Protection Agency’s regulations over power plants and rivers, streams, and ponds.

But other lesser known rules provide insight into the liberal socialist mania for constantly increasing the size and scope of the government and its unwanted and unnecessary interference into every aspect of our daily lives.


Here are a few examples that illustrate what a nut-bar Obama really was and how lucky America is that Crooked Hillary wasn’t installed in his place to continue the madness.

We all know about the men in girls’ bathrooms nonsense, but Obama also tried to remove the use of the terms ‘He’ and ‘She’ to “Avoid Gender Norms”.

The Department of Labor, for example, proposed removing the terms “he” and “she” from new anti-discrimination regulations last year in an effort to “avoid the gender binary.”

The agency rule also banned using the terms “him or her,” and “his or her.”

Or what about this one from the raft of Obamacare regulations?

It stated that calorie requirements had to be added to menus in restaurant chains across the nation.

unhappy mealThe definition for menu reached 171 words, and the final regulation applied even to things that are not menus, such as advertisements and coupons.

This stupid rule, which was impossible to comply with and carried criminal penalties for not labeling a food correctly, is estimated to have cost the industry $1.7 billion. (In other words, another $1.7 billion totally wasted.)

Other guidelines also regulated things like limiting the height of slopes on miniature golf courses, and other various requirements at shooting ranges and saunas to accommodate the disabled.

Not to be outdone on the stupidity stakes, Michelle Obama also weighed in with regulations for school lunches.

As a result, under Section 223 of the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act 3,000 unfortunate children were subjected to height and weight measurements.

Killing Christmas

christmas lights regulated under obamaAlways up for anything that would spoil Christmas celebrations, Obama also added regulations to Christmas decorations. The Consumer Product Safety Commission dreamt up standards for certain Christmas decorations like Christmas lights, including wire size, overcurrent protection, and strain relief.

Regulations also applied to “stars, wreathes, candles without shades, light sculptures, blow-molded (plastic) figures, and animated figures.”

And the military wasn’t exempt from the idiocy either.

Secretary of the Navy Ray Maybus ordered that more than once a year commanding officers would inspect workplaces to make sure they did not have any pin up calendars that could be “degrading or offensive” to women.

Even bathrooms were inspected, and any “unprofessional” calendars or posters were taken away as “contraband.”

Think all that is crazy?

Then how about animals. In the libtard world our animal friends also have to be regulated too.

pot bellied pigs on airplanesThe Department of Transportation, for example, authorized pot bellied pigs to fly as “emotional support” animals to eliminate discrimination against disabled persons when they fly.

And it wasn’t only pot bellied pigs.

Other guidelines for the Americans with Disabilities Act included a provision that store owners should let miniature horses in if they are used as guide animals.

Finally, not content with all the hot air they were generating themselves, the Obama administration launched a regulation attack on cows – for farting!

obama cow farts

Yes, you read that correctly. In 2014, Obama hatched a plan to regulate cow farts. His goal was to save the planet, not by tackling radical Islamic terrorism, but by cutting methane emissions from the dairy industry by 25 percent.

Not to be outdone, another liberal idiot, California Governor Jerry Brown last year also announced new legislation that regulates cow farts.

Neither Obama nor Brown could elaborate on just how they were going to stop the cows farting.

Thank goodness the madness is over.





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