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Corrupt Comey Caves

In Clinton Case

FBI Director James Comey made a complete fool of himself and of the FBI Sunday when, for the second time, he capitulated on the Clinton email scandal.

In spite of the fact that Crooked Hillary lied to the public, lied to Congress, lied to the media, lied to the FBI and even lied about lying, Comey let her off without a single charge.

obama-comeyApparently where Crooked Hillary is concerned it didn’t matter that some of the information she mishandled was classified. It didn’t matter that people’s lives were put in jeopardy because of her recklessness. It didn’t matter that she broke counter-espionage laws for which others are serving prison time. Crooked Hillary gets to go free.

Comey reopened the Crooked Hillary investigation because of new information contained on pervert Anthony Weiner’s and Huma Abedin’s laptop. There were some 650,000 emails that had to be examined.

And the stupid public (that’s us, guys) are supposed to believe that they examined them all in a week. Remember, it took 100 agents more than a year to investigate less than a tenth of that number of emails.

Well, here’s a bit of news for Comey. We don’t believe it. We think Comey is a liar. And we are disgusted by his behavior.

We know that Comey capitulated.

We know that pressure was applied by corrupt Clinton surrogate Loretta Lynch at the Justice Department.

We know that further pressure was put on Comey by Barrack Obama, who has already been caught lying about his knowledge of Crooked Hillary’s private email server, and is now desperate to save his own ass.

trump-for-presidentAnd we know that the only hope that Crooked Hillary will ever face proper investigation and ultimately justice is if Donald Trump wins the election tomorrow and drains the swamp of all these corrupt and treacherous people.

Restore justice to America.

Vote TRUMP on November 8th.




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