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They’re Trying To Make

Reporting Voter Fraud Illegal

In this presidential election the Democrats are going to do whatever they can, legal and illegal, to get Crooked Hillary into the White House.

voter-fraudIn a normal country this would immediately sound alarm bells with the authorities and they would be doing all they could to ensure democracy was upheld and the electoral process fair.

Not so in America, which under Obama and Clinton has been reduced from a once proud nation into perhaps the most corrupt first world country there is.

Voter fraud is one of the ways that the Democrats plan to cheat in this election.

They have already proven their intent by cheating during their own primaries to ensure that Bernie Sanders did not get their party nomination.

Now that it is a fight between Donald Trump and Crooked Hillary they are determined to cheat again.

Running to the aid of Crooked Hillary is none other than Barrack Obama. Just as he helped cover up her email scandal and ensure that the case against her was dropped by corrupt FBI Director Comey, Obama is now intervening to help Crooked Hillary rig the election results.

And once again Obama is using his loyal and corrupt servant, Attorney General Loretta Lynch and the Department of Justice.



A press release from the Department of Justice says that people who want to prevent voter fraud might be violating voter intimidation laws.

In other words the Department of Justice couldn’t care less about voter fraud (if it favors Crooked Hillary), but if a citizen observes and reports voter fraud they are being threatened with possible intimidation.

The plan is to make it harder for honest people to report voter fraud.

voter-fraid-obamaAs well as all the usual stuff about election crimes, such as buying and selling votes, impersonating voters and so forth, the DOJ also warns people against communicating with voters and “challenging them.”

At best this creates confusion among those who are trying to do their civic duty and make sure that there isn’t any fraud going on. At worst it is a blatant attempt by the DOJ to ensure that Crooked Hillary’s supporters can continue with their voter fraud unhindered.

Clearly Obama is using his corrupt Attorney General and the DOJ to do everything he can to make sure Crooked Hillary wins the presidential election.

Obama knows he has failed the American people and the only way he can prevent all his destructive policies from being trashed after he leaves office is to get Crooked Hillary into the White House.

Donald Trump has said the election is rigged. He is right once again. And now we know that the rigging process goes right to the Oval Office.




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