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No Country Without Borders

Crooked Hillary, the paid servant of globalists like George Soros, wants to throw America’s borders wide open to anyone and everyone.

hillary-open-the-bordersHer “dream” is to be able to flood America with potentially another 600 million people, through an unvetted, unsecure system that cannot cope with what is happening now let alone what Crooked Hillary has envisaged.

Crooked Hilary’s supporters are hoping, indeed expecting, her to start this process that they like to call a “comprehensive immigration reform” package on day one if she is elected. They are fools. They have no indea of the damage this would do to America. In truth many of them don’t care. They have no love of America, all they want to do is perpetuate their hold on power by importing millions more Democrat voters into the country.

The Crooked Hillary propaganda machine, otherwise known as the mainstream media, will rush to her assistance. Anyone in Congress or Senate who voices opposition will be demonized and labeled racist and worse. Those who support her plans will be praised as far seeing and progressive.

Some of them are at it already.  Eduardo Porter of the New York Times editorial board, for example, has already been hard at work promoting the highly dubious claim that Trump’s plans for a great wall on the southern border is a fake solution because, “the wall is already there.”

His solution? Less walls and more doors!

Arguments like these, while they fool some Democrats, are nothing but misdirection and outright lies.

It is akin to Democrats demanding the confiscation of legally owned guns from law abiding citizens as the remedy for gun violence on the streets committed by criminals with illegal weapons.

This time, by allowing more foreign workers to come into the country quickly and legally Democrats argue that there will be less people crossing the border illegally.

It’s complete bunkum. Continue the arguments along these lines and they will propose that if you give all your money to a thief he won’t rob you.

soros-quote-bordersWhat is being proposed is known by another name – anarchy. It would bring total chaos to the country – which is what Soros and his globalist friends really want.

Donald Trump is absolutely correct when he states that without borders you do not have a country. His objective is to secure America, make it safe, and from there rebuild the economy, military, etc., to make the country great again.

Crooked Hillary wants the Soros idea of an open society, which by definition means the end of America.

In the final analysis this election is a simple choice between voting for Crooked Hillary and destroying America, or voting for Donald Trump and making America great again.




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