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Hillary’s Deleted Emails Are Discovered

Obama’s State Department blocked the release of some of Crooked Hillary’s emails till after the presidential election.

FBI Director Comey refused to recommend prosecution and helped to cover up incriminating evidence.

hillary-clinton-youve-got-mailCrooked Hillary and her team deleted 33,000 more and used BleachBit on the hard drives to make sure they could not be recovered.

She must have been feeling pretty smug, thinking she had got away with it.

But, guess what — the deleted emails weren’t actually deleted.

A New Zealand based internet entrepreneur and freedom guru, Kim Dotcom, says he has located Crooked Hillary’s entire batch of deleted emails.

Not only that, but he has given everyone — including Donald Trump, Fox’s Sean Hannity, and Rep. Trey Gowdy — the means by which to access them.

In a recent tweet, Kim Dotcom said: “I know where Hillary Clintons deleted emails are and how to get them legally @TGowdySC @seanhannity @realDonaldTrump. 100% true. Retweet.”

how-to-get-hillarys-emailsHe then explained the five steps required to access the emails:

Step 1: Go to NSA.gov

Step 2: Contact Mike Rogers (Director of the NSA)

Step 3: Ask Mike to open X-Keyscore

Step 4: Input this selector “HDR22@clintonemail.com

Step 5: Access all Clinton emails sent or received in the last 7 years. They are all stored in an NSA spy could in Utah. Congress and Senate can request the emails from the NSA.


The X-Keyscore, or XKS, that Dotcom is referring to is a computer system, once secret, that the NSA uses for searching and analyzing global internet traffic and data.

According to Kim Dotcom, access logs of XKS (a list of everything accessed using the XKS system) never disappears, and therefore, all of Clinton’s emails accessed by the NSA will still be on the server.


Kim Dotcom, controversial hacker, businessman, now politician

On his Twitter account, Dotcom also says he knows how the XKS system works because the New Zealand government had used it to spy on him. And to provide more credence to his claim, he even says a former NSA consultant, whistleblower and another man wanted by the U.S. government — Edward Snowden — would agree with him.

So the emails can be accessed and legally, without any hacking and certainly without involving the Russians!

In fact there have been a number of reports that the real source of a lot of the WikiLeaks documents has been from within the NSA, some members of which desperately do not want to see Crooked Hillary, who is unfit to handle sensitive classified and confidential information, getting to the White House.

Let’s see who tries to get them and more interestingly, who tries to stop them.




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