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Skewed With A Capital ‘ABC’

Talk about skewed?

Then you’re probably talking about the latest poll from ABC that has Crooked Hillary 12 points up on Donald Trump.

hillary-rig-the-pollsIt’s already well known that ABC along with MSNBC, CNN (the Clinton News Network) and most other media outlets are working frantically to try to ensure that all damaging information about Crooked Hillary (of which there is a lot) is suppressed and anything bad about Trump is headline news for days.

Now, not content with that bit of election rigging, they are trying to skew the polls in Crooked Hillary’s favor also.

This latest ABC poll is a prime example.

An ABC/WaPo poll a week ago showed Crooked Hillary with a 4 point lead over Trump. This latest one, which is so absurd not even the Washington Post is willing to put its name to, has her at 12 points up.

An 8 point move in one week and a 12 point overall is not impossible, but it is highly unusual and does lead to suspicions about the poll methodology.


ABC’s attempt to rig the polls

We are suppose to think the changed poll numbers are just the result of the bombardment of sexual assault and groping accusations against Trump, and that his supporters, particularly college-educated white women are running for their lives.

But guess what?

When you take a better look at the ABC sample, you find that it mostly took the opinions of Republicans whose first preference during the primaries was someone other than Trump – AND – by sampling more Democrats than Republicans.

hillary-who-cares-if-im-a-liarThe drop seen in the ABC numbers for Trump is rare, particularly so soon before Election Day. Normally they just don’t happen.

In fact the converse is usually the case, because in the final days of the race people on both sides tend to get more enthusiastic and more driven to support their own party ticket, regardless of who the candidate is.

Rather than this ABC poll being an “outlier” we would be much better to regard it as a “outLIAR”. And we all know who the biggest liar in this election is.




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