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Ryan Tanks With Republican Voters

If Paul Ryan thought he was being clever by distancing himself from Donald Trump, he’d better think again.

paul-ryan-rino-supports-obamaRyan has always been a lukewarm Republican who in truth favors immigration and amnesty for illegals.

For a while he got away with being a closet RINO, but after the “Access Hollywood” tape and Ryan’s statement that he would no longer defend Trump or campaign with him, many people have had enough.

His position was made even worse when it was revealed that he, or some of his closest colleagues, were actually involved in the release of the video in an effort to force Trump out of the race.

Even in his home state of Wisconsin, Trump supporters at a recent rally loudly chanted “Paul Ryan sucks”, something that would have been unheard of a few months ago.


More Popular with Democrats Than Republicans

It’s not just in Wisconsin either. According to a recent YouGov survey, Ryan’s favorable rating has dropped by a whopping 28 points in a week. Now Ryan has a 40 percent favorable, versus a 45 percent unfavorable rating among Republicans.

ryanfav1His job approval among Republicans is even worse at 36/44.

The Republican Speaker of the House is more widely disliked among the Republican base than he is among the Democratic one – and that takes a bit of doing!

In case there is any doubt about what is causing this severe drop in Ryan’s popularity, part of the YouGov survey asked if Republican leaders were right or wrong to withdraw their support from Trump after the tape was released.

Ryan actually hasn’t officially withdrawn his endorsement of Trump, but his phone call operated as a license to members of his caucus to withdraw their own if they felt it would help them politically.

By a five-to-one margin, Republican voters dislike watching the rest of the party run away from Trump.

unendorseNot smart enough to learn from what happened to Ted Cruz when he failed to fully endorse Trump at the RNC Convention, Ryan fell headlong into the same quicksand, as his crumbling popularity illustrates.

No one is buying Ryan’s spin on his treachery. They know he was really making a selfish move for a 2020 run at the White House and that any talk of maintaining majorities in the Congress and Senate was a smokescreen.

The majority of Republicans say Trump – not Paul Ryan – represents what the GOP should stand for politically.

This is particularly so when discussing immigration. As Obama continues to throw America’s borders wide open and has added insult to injury by encouraging a massive influx of unvetted refugees from Syria the public have little time for those who are soft on this issue.

Ryan has always been soft on immigration. While his House caucus has been against Obama’s executive amnesties, in Ryan’s case this has only been because he knows he cannot get away with revealing his true position without a lot of kickback against him.


Days Are Numbered

To add to his demise, Rat Ryan’s days as Speaker of the House may be numbered. There are growing calls for a shake-up of the leadership of the Republican Party.

For example, Rep. Mark Meadows said Thursday the effort to remove Speaker Paul Ryan is “picking up some steam” because many GOP lawmakers and a stream of callers to the North Carolinian’s congressional offices are incensed the Wisconsin Republican hasn’t embraced fully Donald Trump’s candidacy for president.

Mark Meadows is one of the 30-plus members of the ultra-conservative and powerful House Freedom Caucus. He continued by saying that there, “…will be real discussions after November 8 on who our leadership will be and what that will look like going forward.”

cartoon-paul-ryan-accomplishmentsThere is little doubt that Ryan’s treacherous conduct regarding Donald Trump’s candidacy, and in particular his involvement in the release of the Access Hollywood video, has turned many Republicans against him.

Ryan has come to personify everything that is wrong with the political elite that the people desperately want to be rid of.

According to another source within Freedom Caucus it is “a pretty sure bet there will be” a GOP challenger taking on Paul Ryan for the Speaker’s gavel.

Pressure is also coming from outside Washington, with prominent voices from Republican media pushing to remove Ryan.

It looks like Ryan will be the big loser after this election.




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