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Donna Brazile Exposed

By Megyn Kelly

The leak of John Podesta’s emails revealed a lot about the true nature of the DNC, none of it good.

Just as the first DNC leak exposed the then DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz as one of the main conspirators in making sure Crooked Hillary was able to steal the Democrat nomination from Bernie Sanders, Podesta’s emails contained evidence that Schutz’s replacement, Donna Brazile, was up to her neck in the deceit too.

A message sent by Brazile with the subject, “From time to time I get the questions in advance” contained a detailed question about the death penalty which Crooked Hillary was asked during a CNN townhall event the following day.

Brazile denied having any of the questions in advance, but co-host Roland Martin, who actually asked Clinton the question, refused to rule out having sent Brazile an advance copy of the question.

kelly-brazile-leaked-questions-scandalLast week on The Kelly File, after first asking Brazile about the James O’Keefe tapes, Fox News Megyn Kelly confronted Brazile about the email. She asked her where she got the question. Brazile, who persisted in calling Megyn Kelly “Kelly” instead of “Megyn”, squirmed and became angry, but did not answer the question. It was good TV that revealed just how bad these people at the top of the Democrat Party really are.

Kelly’s question was, “You were accused of receiving a debate question before a CNN townhall, where they partnered with TVOne…and that you had this question on March 12th that verbatim, verbatim was provided by Roland Martin to CNN the next day.”

Brazile denied it. “I did not receive any questions from CNN,” she said rather unconvincingly.

“Where did you get it?” Kelly asked.

That prompted Brazile to go into denial mode, like the kid whose face and hands are smothered in melted chocolate trying to deny it had eaten any.

“Well, first of all,” Brazile spluttered. “…what information are you providing to me that will allow me to see what you’re talking about?”

Kelly then restated the facts again based on the Wikileaks document and asked again, “Where did you get it.”

Once again Brazile refused to answer the simple question and instead tried to deflect. “You know as a Christian woman I understand persecution, but I will not sit here and be persecuted because your information is totally false.”

“I’m getting it from Podesta’s email,” Kelly replied.

“Podesta’s emails were stolen,” Brazile replied adding, “You’re so interested in talking about stolen material…you’re like a thief that want to bring into the night the things that you found that was in the gutter.”

With Brazile talking complete gibberish, Kelly didn’t let up. “Donna, CNN’s Jake Tapper came out and said this was unethical, somebody was unethically helping the Clinton campaign. He said I love Donna Brazile but this is very, very upsetting.” After quoting a bit more of what Tapper said, Kelly concluded, “Who gave you that question?”

“Megyn, once again I’ve said it and I’ve said it on the record and I’ll say it on the record and I’ll keep saying it on the record. I am not going to try to validate falsified information,” Brazile said. “CNN, in the 14 years I was associated with CNN, I have never received anything,” she added.

It went on like that for a while with Brazile, who was clearly lying, trying to imply that the emails are fraudulent. She also deliberately persisted in saying she did not receive anything from CNN. But the question was “Who gave her the questions in advance” not “Did CNN give you the questions”.

Kelly was quick to point out that no one is said Brazile got the question from CNN, but instead from Roland Martin.

It was an interesting TV moment. Obviously the top Democrats are not used to facing hard questions in TV interviews. Most of the MSM either ask them penetrating questions like what they had for lunch, or else provide their questions in advance so answers can be carefully prepared.

Brazile should be fired from her role as DNC Chair just as Wasserman Schultz was before her. If we weren’t so close to the election she probably would be, but there are no doubt more scandals to come so they will try to let this one fade away.

After the election though, don’t expect Brazile to be around too long.





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