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Are Obama & Hillary

Working For The Russians?

It’s a facetious question, but if you have been following this presidential election campaign you could be forgiven if you thought you fell asleep in 2016 and woke up back in 1961.

wikileaks_hillary_According to the Democrats nothing is their fault, it’s all blamed on the Russians.

It’s classic misdirection, of course. Ever since WikiLeaks email revelations started to expose what a bunch of cheats, racists, criminals and bigots the Democrats and the Crooked Hillary campaign really are, they have been desperate to shift attention away from them and on to someone else.

The scramble to deflect attention away from their own crimes was made even more imperative after the very convenient murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich, who was shot in the back near his home in Washington, D.C., shortly after the first embarrassing DNC leaks appeared.

WikiLeaks later offered a reward for information about who killed Rich, leading many to suspect that Rich may have been a source for the DNC leaks.


The Misdirection Begins

First the Democrats tried to demonize Donald Trump. As liberal socialists always do, they accused him of all own horrible attributes, hoping some of it would stick. But it only worked on weak and stupid self-servers like Paul Ryan and John McCain. The overwhelming majority of Trump supporters stayed loyally with him.

So Crooked Hillary and her crew had to find a new scapegoat and who would be better, they thought, than the Russians?

putin-puzzled-who-me“It’s Russian hackers, it’s Russian hackers,” went the cry from every Democrat throughout the land, dismissing Romanian hacker Guccifer 2 as nothing more than a Russian surrogate. They hadn’t a shred of evidence to support this claim, but that didn’t matter. It moved the spotlight of attention away from their misdeeds and that was what mattered to them. Naturally the MSM did its part too.

Glen Caplin, a spokesman for Crooked Hillary’s campaign said, “By dribbling these out every day, Wikileaks is proving they are nothing but a propaganda arm of the Kremlin with a political agenda doing Putin’s dirty work to help elect Donald Trump.”

Brian Fallon, another mouthpiece for Crooked Hillary declared on Twitter that Wikileaks was “no media organization. You are a propaganda arm of the Russian government, running interference for their pet candidate, Trump.”

But Crooked Hillary and the rest have no proof. It might be the Russians or it might be someone else. The Democrats could just as easily, for example, have blamed the Chinese who mount thousands of cyber attacks daily on US companies and government websites. But that didn’t fit the Democrat’s open border/free trade narrative, so they quietly brushed that aside.


Closer To Home

Stories have also appeared, from sources other than the Democrats, that some of the leaks may even originate a lot closer to home, i.e., from person or persons unknown within some of the United States security agencies, many of whom are deeply worried about the prospect of a Clinton administration.

Crooked Hillary has proved beyond any doubt that she is unfit to handle any information that may remotely be labeled as classified. She did it again as recently as the final debate where she chattered on to 70 million people about our nuclear response times. It is widely believed that her “extremely careless” use of her illegal and unsecured private server has already cost the lives of several US intelligence operatives and assets.

dnc-does-not-care-about-democracyAlways part of the deceit and corruption, especially when it comes to covering his own ass, President Obama ordered the Department of Homeland Security to release a statement alleging that Wikileaks was collaborating with the Russian government to destabilize the U.S.

Many people within the military and intelligence communities believe that both Obama and Clinton would go so far as to provoke a major conflict with Russia, using the pretext of cyber attacks or what is happening in Syria, as a means to save themselves and their corruption from being further exposed.

A few days ago Vice President Biden announced that they would soon conduct a cyber “counterstrike” against Russia. He said, “We’re sending a message. We have the capacity to do it. [Putin] will know it. And it will be at the time of our choosing. And under the circumstances that have the greatest impact.”

What that means exactly, neither old Joe or the rest of us know, but it will probably be aimed at trying to embarrass Putin in some way. It is a dangerous game of chicken to be playing with someone like Putin. If you were to place a wager on the outcome the smart money would be on Obama blinking first, like he did with the Iranians.

Some observers have also speculated that Obama/Clinton could go even further and target Americans supporting Trump by staging some kind of “false flag” cyber strike against America, and accuse Russia of responding to the NSA/CIA attack.

Other speculate that eventually Trump’s loyal supporters could be accused of having Russian/Communist sympathies, and that such a false pretext could then be used as an excuse to confiscate their guns or even have them thrown in jail, where, in a just America, Crooked Hillary should be.

billboard-time-square-communismThese kinds of claims are backed up by the recent appearance of massive anti-Communist billboards in New York City’s Times Square. A group calling itself the ‘Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation’ has purchased seven giant multistory billboards, some of which read “Today, 1 in 5 people live under Communism” and “Communism Kills.”

Whether this group has ties to Crooked Hillary or to the Obama administration is unknown. But given the events of recent weeks, including the information contained in the Veritas videos, it is not nearly as far fetched as it would once have been considered.



Meanwhile, back in the real world, most computer experts not under government control have cast doubt on the idea that Wikileaks is collaborating with the Russian government, stating that there was no hard evidence to support that the Russian government was behind the hacking.

While all this misdirection has been going on, Wikileaks has continued to release new, damaging information about Crooked Hillary’s campaign. Last week’s batches of leaked emails came from Crooked Hillary’s arrogant campaign Chairman John Podesta.

podesta-emails-1Many of the Podesta emails contained comments that exposed once again the racism and religious intolerance of the Democrats. They talked about fomenting rebellion within the Roman Catholic Church in America and of needy Latinos and so forth. One even cryptically referred to the death of former Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia days before it occurred. Food for thought for the conspiracy theorists at least.

WikiLeaks has also promised further leaks that will target Crooked Hillary’s VP pick Tim Kaine and the current DNC Chair Donna Brazile. Brazile has already featured in the leaked emails as providing advance notice of debate questions to Crooked Hillary.

We look forward to whatever else WikiLeaks chooses to release over the next few weeks. Whether or not it includes the “smoking gun” that will end Crooked Hillary’s campaign in its tracks remains to be seen. It would be nice if it did, but even then it would be ignored by the mainstream media as they have ignored all the rest.

If true democracy were in operation in America Crooked Hillary would not even be allowed to run for president. Not even for the position of dog catcher as Donald Trump noted in one of his speeches.

time-for-a-builder-to-rebuild-americaBut true democracy in America is a myth. In its place we have a completely rigged system that panders to the best interests of the establishment, both Democrat and Republican, and against the best interests of the ordinary people.

The swamp that Trump talks about is a big one and, boy oh boy, does it need to be drained. It has become quite literally a health hazard for the rest of America.

So let’s not get distracted by talk of Russia or anywhere else. There is a job to do here first. Once we make America great again, and strong again, no one will mess with us. There is only one candidate who is going to lead us to that result and that is Donald Trump. May he lead us to a great victory on November 8th.




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