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It’s Down To The Wire

This election has come down to the wire. It has become a straight fight between ordinary America and the establishment.

globalists-vs-nationalistsThe unholy alliance that the ordinary people face consists of big government, big business and big media. They work hand in hand to make billions of dollars at the expense of the ordinary people. They are globalists, which means that they do not have the interests of America first and foremost. They see a world without borders, but one which they and only they control.

That is why they are so vehemently opposed to Donald Trump winning the presidency. Trump is a nationalist who wants to make America great again by putting America first.

At the beginning they laughed Trump off, not taking his candidacy seriously. By the time they realized that he was not only a serious contender but that he had awakened and reinvigorated ordinary America and instilled in them the belief that they could indeed bring about real change, it was too late.

Trump annihilated his opposition in the primaries. Establishment stooges, like Jeb Bush for whom the nomination was supposed to be a sure thing, were overwhelmingly rejected by the people.


Globalist Establishment


The Trump Movement

Now it is a straight fight between the combined globalist establishment and people who love America, sometimes referred to as the “Trump Movement”.

The globalists are running scared and have mounted against Trump one of the most biased, dirty and vicious political smear campaigns ever seen in America.

Obama’s White House was always corrupt. So too was the Clinton crime family. Now they have on board a corrupt media, a corrupt Justice Department and a corrupt leader of the FBI, to name but a few.

trump-on-globalismThe equally corrupt establishment wing of the Republican Party has joined in the fight to try to crush the will of the people. Rats like Paul Ryan have been forced to show their true colors and join the ranks of the “dishonorables” along with Bush, Kasich, Fiorina, McCain and sadly many others. These people were never truly Republicans. They just masqueraded as Republicans – RINOs – so that, no matter who got elected, the establishment always won and the people always lost.

So there we have it. Less than three weeks to go and the battle lines have been clearly drawn. Ordinary Americans, led by Donald Trump, have a yuuuge battle on their hands.

It is essential that everyone gets out to vote on election day, that’s a given. Not only that, but you should make every effort to encourage and help others to do likewise.

And always remain vigilant. Keep an eye on what is going on within your own neighborhoods and communities. The DNC will try to rig the system, register dead people to vote, and sink to any level to try to steal this election. They know how important it is even if many in the Republican Party hierarchy do not.

vote trump make america great againWith our help Donald Trump can still win in November. It will destroy everything for the bribed politicians and their establishment paymasters. But it will be the start of making America great again.




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