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The Final Debate,

Winners & Losers

Last night’s third and final presidential debate between Donald Trump and Crooked Hillary certainly provided a few talking points, as always.

trumpclintonfinaldebateAfter the barrage of propaganda meted out to Trump during the past ten days by Crooked Hillary’s campaign and its MSM surrogates this had to be a good night for Trump.

On the whole it was.

Trump was much more disciplined, refused to be baited by Crooked Hillary – although she did try, a lot – and he was better prepared with his answers.

Trump stuck to the issues and forced Crooked Hillary to talk policy, something she pretends is her strength but which quite obviously is one of her greatest weaknesses. As a result Crooked Hillary probably had her worst debate performance.

In the first 30 minutes or so, Trump excelled. He scored heavily when highlighting Crooked Hillary’s extreme liberal views on the Supreme Court and, most tellingly, on abortion.

Trump Clinton final debate split screenCrooked Hillary’s answer regarding the Supreme Court was confusing to say the least. But it was easy to read between the lines and know that, if elected, she would load SCOTUS with left-wing liberal justices who would reinterpret the Constitution at every available opportunity.

On the subject of abortion, Crooked Hillary was also caught out badly. Her unseemly position that every woman should have the right to kill their unborn children right up to and including full term babies is repulsive to any right-thinking person and showed no real concern for either mother or child.


Foreign Policy

On the situation in the Middle East Trump again scored well.

This is perhaps Crooked Hillary’s worst subject. She failed at everything she tried to do when Secretary of State, creating disaster after disaster in Iraq, Iran, Syria and Libya.

clinton-during-debateHer answer about Syria was no less disastrous. She started talking about the solution being how the US should be working with “American Muslim communities who are on the front lines to identify and prevent attacks,” then, perhaps sensing that this was gibberish, awkwardly adding that the killer of the dozens of people at the nightclub in Orlando was born in Queens, the same place Donald Trump was born. It was a really dumb answer to a really important question.

Trump, on the other hand, highlighted that the only reason American personnel were now having to put their lives in harm’s way in the retaking of Mosul was because of the awful decision to abandon Iraq without ensuring that it could be defended afterwards.

He also rightly pointed out that, thanks to the disastrous foreign policy of Obama and Clinton, Iran would be the big winner in the Middle East.


She Lied Through Her Teeth

On other issues Crooked Hillary simply lied through her teeth and tried to pivot off uncomfortable topics on to irrelevancies.

Two of her biggest lies concerned her favorite subject – “money”. She said that the $6 billion dollars missing from the State Department had been “debunked”. This was a complete falsehood. The money is missing and so far no one knows what happened to it. It was rightly highlighted by Trump as an example of her incompetence while in public office.

Trump Clinton Wallace Final DebateWhen challenged about the pay-to-play allegations and the role of the Clinton Foundation, once again Crooked Hillary ignored the key issue and lied about how much money the foundation spends on “good causes”. She said (lied) that 90 percent of the foundation’s cash was used for charitable purposes. The true figure that goes towards charities is closer to 9 percent, with the remainder going on salaries, travel, etc. Unfortunately there was not time to delve into the disgrace of what the Clintons have done in Haiti. Perhaps we can do this another day.

When moderator Chris Wallace (whose performance was competent and fair) contradicted Crooked Hillary’s claim to be opposed to open borders by reading directly from one of her own speeches, she was clearly flustered and once again failed to answer the question. Instead she blathered on about electrical grids before pivoting to a memorized answer about WikiLeaks and Russian hackers that was nothing to do with the original question.

It gave Trump an ideal opening to squeeze in one of his famous one-liners saying, “That was a great pivot off the fact that she wants open borders.”


An October Surprise

One surprising moment during the debate came when Wallace asked Trump if he would accept the results of the election. Trump would only say, “I will look at it at the time.” He added, “I’ll keep you in suspense.”

Trump final debateTrump’s answer was honest and was in line with the answer he gave when challenged on the RNC Pledge during the primaries. But Crooked Hillary’s mainstream media propaganda team will be all over that one for the next week or so, falsely painting it as some kind of attack on American democracy, while conveniently forgetting all the legal challenges and other public dissatisfaction when it was Al Gore’s turn after the 2000 Presidential Election.

Whether it will do Trump any real damage is questionable. Probably not.


And The Winner Is

Overall, this was Donald Trump’s best debate performance. Like the second debate, however, it was a clear win on points rather than a knockout.

It will certainly solidify his core support and will probably win over many uncommitted Republican and conservative supporters since he was very strong on all their key issues.

Whether it will be enough to expand his electoral footprint remains to be seen. It should do for many but considering the propaganda onslaught and dirty tricks campaign being mounted by the media and the DNC, the next three weeks will still be a yuuuge battle.

vote-donald-trumpHowever, in the final analysis, if this election is to be settled on the strength of the policies put forward by the candidates then it will be a slam dunk for Trump. He is determined to change the corrupt and incompetent system in Washington that the overwhelming majority of American voters abhor and despise. And he is determined to make America safe again and great again.

Crooked Hillary offers only more lies, more corruption, more contempt for the people and more of the same failed policies that have made the Obama presidency one of the worst America has ever seen.

It’s not hard to know who to vote for.




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