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The Final Debate

In just a few hours we will get to see the final face-to-face showdown in this presidential race between Donald Trump and Crooked Hillary.


Final Presidential Debate fro the University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Both come to the Las Vegas debate with historically high unfavorability ratings – Crooked Hillary’s would be a lot higher if the media were reporting all the recent revelations about her, but of course they’re not – so both of them will have to be on top of their game to try to win over undecided voters.

It is still a very close race, which is to Trump’s credit because he has been under sustained and bitter attack from the mainstream media for the past two weeks. If any other candidate had had to face such a destructive propaganda onslaught the race would already have been over.

In Trump’s entourage will be Obama’s Kenyan-born half-brother, Malik, and Patricia Smith, mother of Benghazi hero Sean Smith.

Crooked Hillary will have loud-mouth tech billionaire Mark Cuban in tow.

This debate is being moderated by Fox’s Chris Wallace. Hopefully he will do a better job than we have seen previously. All we are looking for is a fair shake.

chris-wallace-in-the-final-debateThere should be a mixture of some old questions and some new ones, particularly to Crooked Hillary in the light of some of the information revealed by WikiLeaks during the past week.

Officially the debate topics are: debt and entitlements, immigration, economy, Supreme Court, foreign policy and fitness to be president.

Crooked Hillary will have her work cut out for her if she is challenged to present a positive vision for her presidency, or to defend her absymal record as Secretary of State. Up to now she has managed to avoid these subjects by constantly attacking Trump.

She will try to lie her way out of them no doubt. She always does. But how convincingly? And will Wallace let her off the hook?

No doubt some of the questions posed to Trump will be about the largely debunked list of women accusing him of inappropriate behavior. Let’s just hope he will deal with this quickly and pivot on to other much more important issues such as the economy, jobs, illegal immigration and security.

When he is focused on substance and policy, rather than the trivia the MSM is obsessed with, Trump can easily beat Crooked Hillary whose only policies are those of Obama that have failed America.

As Trump said in a recent speech, “Either we win this election, or we lose our country.”

Let’s hope he wins the debate too.




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