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Watch Out,

Trump’s Bouncing Again!

Whether its business or politics the one thing you can never do is write Donald Trump off. He’s a fighter and a survivor and nothing has illustrated that better than the onslaught he has faced during his presidential campaign.

It was bad enough during the primaries when he faced a barrage of attacks and tens of millions of dollars spent by Jeb Bush on hate ads.

But that was nothing to the dirty war being waged now as Crooked Hillary plays the only hand she has. Crooked Hillary has no record of her own to rely on. She has no policies other than to continue with the mess Obama has left behind, piling more debt and misery on the country and with nothing of benefit to show for it.

hillary-angryOn top of that, emails are being leaked daily that shows her and her cohorts to be utterly corrupt. Worse than that, the leaked emails show clearly the contempt, even hatred, that Crooked Hillary and her campaign have for Evangelicals, Roman Catholics, Latinos and Hispanics and even her own supporters whom she believes are too dumb to figure out she’s a crook.

Therefore she, along with her allies in the mainstream media and traitors from within the Republican Party, has no other option but to try to demonize Donald Trump.

Hence the well-timed release of that 11 year old video and now a host of women dredged up from as long ago as 30 years to make allegations against Trump.

Unfortunately some people fell for it and as a consequence Trump’s polling numbers – taken in well-timed surveys to show maximum damage to his campaign – took a hit. He was about 7 points behind Crooked Hillary nationally and struggling in several swing states too.

However, fast forward to the latest polls published yesterday and you will find that against all the odds Donald Trump is once again bouncing back.


New Hampshire

In New Hampshire, even before the deluge of October surprises that have battered the Donald Trump campaign began to happen, Crooked Hillary was well ahead in the WBUR poll series. It is a rather different story now.

Now in New Hampshire the four-way race has gone back to a near-virtual tie, with Crooked Hillary ahead by just 3 points, 41 percent to 38 percent, which is within the poll’s 4.4 percentage point margin of error.

nh-poll-oct-2016It’s confounding the so-called “experts”, but Donald Trump has been doing that right from the start.

The survey period for the New Hampshire poll went from Monday to Wednesday, after both the video tape and the second presidential debate, and while accusations of groping – which Donald Trump has strongly denied – emerged.

In other words, in spite of all Trump’s bad publicity – and it has been bad by any standards – Crooked Hillary’s lead has been cut in half.



Meanwhile in Ohio, the latest WSJ/NBC poll shows Trump back on top!

In the wake of the “Access Hollywood” video and subsequent media uproar frenzy, some polling figures were showing a massive gap between the two top contenders, with Crooked Hillary well in the lead.

ohio-poll-oct-2016However, after having trailed Crooked Hillary in the last four surveys, the latest poll, conducted between October 10-12, shows Trump back in the lead.

It’s a slim lead, just one-point 42 percent to 41 percent and again inside the poll’s margin of error, but nevertheless a significant and welcome turn round.



Even in Utah – not what you could call a swing state, but one where Trump faces opposition from establishment Republicans – there are signs of an improvement too. A new poll in the state also has Trump ahead, with 34 percent to Crooked Hillary’s 28 percent.

utah-poll-oct-2016Perhaps the other surprise in the Utah poll is the performance of Eggan McMuffin the #NeverTrump candidate who gets 20 percent. On the other hand, McMuffin is a Romney surrogate and a Mormon (60 percent of the state’s voters are Mormon), so if he was going to poll well anywhere it was going to be in Utah.

Among independent voters, 29% back Trump, 23% back Clinton, 21% back McMuffin, and 16% back Johnson. Nearly all Democrats (92%) support Clinton.

McMuffin is there only as a spoiler candidate and has no chance of winning the race. Hopefully on election day voters in Utah will realize that and vote for Trump as the only possible way of stopping Crooked Hillary.


Under Pressure

Trump is under severe pressure and this will continue for the next three weeks, probably intensifying as Election Day gets closer. Crooked Hillary and her MSM cronies will throw everything, including any kitchen sinks they can find, at Trump so be prepared for lots more smears and lies.

trump-magaCrooked Hillary, on the other hand, has another three weeks of email leaks to suffer and, although the mainstream media is not giving much coverage to these – indeed many are being completely ignored – they will do her damage.

The big question is, will any of these leaks be enough to ensure her defeat even before Election Day?

Stay tuned. It ain’t over til it’s over!




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