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Rat Ryan’s Failed Coup

This week Paul Ryan has unwittingly done America a great service. He crawled out from under his rock and exposed himself as a self-serving spineless politician who illustrates everything that is wrong with Washington and the low-lives who inhabit it.

paul-ryan-a-pussy-and-a-ratRyan’s motives for his self-serving actions and rhetoric are obvious. He thinks Donald Trump will lose this election and doesn’t want to be associated with any defeat.

Ryan could care less about anything Trump said more than a decade ago. He could care less about the Republican Party. He could care less that Crooked Hillary will load the Supreme Court with liberal socialists who among other things will destroy the Second Amendment. In fact he could care less about the future well-being of America.

Ryan cares only about Ryan. He doesn’t support Donald Trump now and he never did.

But it is much worse than that.

Ryan’s despicable actions were part of an attempted coup on behalf of the GOP establishment.


The Plan

The first public move in the planned coup happened when a Ryan staffer “leaked” that now famous Trump tape from 2005.

The GOP establishment’s plan was that the furor the release of the tape created, plus the pre-planned reaction from Ryan and his cronies, would force Donald Trump to “drop out” placing Mike Pence at the top of the ticket.

trump-tape-2005-released-as-part-of-rat-ryans-failed-coupRyan wanted to be able to go back to Washington after the General Election and mark time (as he has always done) until 2020 when he thinks he has a shot at the Republican Party presidential nomination.

He won’t get it because he won’t get the votes of the people who have loyally supported Donald Trump – people who he has now managed to lose forever because of his duplicitous actions.

Ryan is so full of himself he doesn’t know that. And he doesn’t know it because he sees nothing wrong with being a time-sever in Washington and playing the political game. It makes him a lot of money. It gives him a position and a title to make him feel important.

But it gives the ordinary people, upon whom he relies to get him there in the first place, absolutely nothing.


Trump’s Popular Appeal

Trump’s popular appeal is that he is not part of the political establishment. He is not a professional career politician. And he is not in the pocket of any vested interests who give him cash in order to extract favors in return.

In fact Trump if elected will destroy the graft and corruption that is rife in Washington. And that is really why Ryan and the gutless wonders who think like him are afraid.

trump-rallyThey talk about “conservative principles”, but no one with any principles, conservative or otherwise, could possibly contemplate allowing the most corrupt candidate who has ever stood for president to win.

When asked why he and the others in Washington haven’t been able to do anything about Obama’s destructive policies during the past eight years – despite holding a majority for many of those years – Ryan and his cronies throw up their hands and say “if only we had control of the White House”. Now they have their best chance for many years to take control of the White House and they are doing their best not to win it, but instead to throw the opportunity away.

The unfortunate thing is that Ryan and the others who have abandoned the fight to stop Crooked Hillary have done so firstly because they have no honor, and secondly because they know that if Crooked Hillary wins they can continue as they have been doing for another four or eight years, that is, pretending to oppose her but actually doing nothing to stop her.

America and the American people suffer, but the Washington elite will do just fine.


Don’t Be Fooled

So don’t be fooled by sanctimonious statements that they are offended by anything Donald Trump has said or done. That’s just Hillary-speak – saying one thing for the public and another in private.

trumptrainThe game Ryan and his cronies are playing is purely and simply to derail the Trump Train to keep their gravy train on the track. They represent everything that Donald Trump and ordinary grass roots Americans despise and detest.

Those who have abandoned Trump have done so to try to save their own skins. What they don’t have the wit to realize is that they need the votes of Trump’s supporters to ensure they get re-elected. Now they have shown their true colors the chances of that happening are very slight.

And it is hard to see how the GOP can contemplate keeping a rat like Ryan in the party at all. He should cross over to the Democrats which is where his true home is.

Check out the interview below for more details.





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