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Second Presidential Debate

Winners And Losers

On Sunday evening Donald Trump and Crooked Hillary went head-to-head in the second Presidential debate.

trump-clintonseconddebateIt was a town hall format which was less formal and allowed both candidates more time to state their cases. In the event this was more beneficial to Donald Trump because he had a case to state, Crooked Hillary didn’t.

Inevitably, because of the media hype of the 11 year old “hot mic” tape, that conversation dominated the first half hour or so of the debate.

Bearing in mind that Donald Trump came to this debate on the back of probably the worst 48 hours that any candidate could possibly have had, it should have been him who looked rattled. In fact, it soon became obvious that Donald Trump was ready for anything and quickly gained the upper hand.

It was Crooked Hillary (and husband Bill) who were rattled right from the start, caused to a degree by the appearance of Paula Jones, Kathleen Wiley and Juanita Broaddrick – all victims of Bill Clinton’s unwanted sexual advances when he was President. They didn’t know what was going to happen next!

Trump fended off all of Crooked Hillary’s attacks with relative ease. Not only that, he counter punched effectively turning the tables on her and forcing a demented smile on to her face while he was prosecuting his case. You knew she was having a very bad night almost from the start.

As the evening wore on Trump found an unlikely ally. It wasn’t the moderators who were clearly biased against him, but a fly which proceeded to land on Crooked Hillary’s face as she waffled on about this or that.

It amused those of us watching and prompted some rather uncomplimentary comments. Good job we didn’t have any hot mics on!

But, even without the fly’s intervention, you will have gathered already that the big loser of the night was Crooked Hillary.

Some pundits have offered the excuses that she was perhaps too over-confident and cocky. But the real answer is simpler than that. Crooked Hillary was off her game because a lot of the discussion was about the candidates’ policies and, of course, Crooked Hillary has nothing new to offer, just a continuation of Obama’s failures with perhaps a tweak here and there that will cost taxpayers another fortune.

Campaign 2016 Debate 2She failed to engage the audience and gave answers that were both inaccurate (i.e. lies) and rambling like a speech she could have given on the Senate floor.

“Go to my website”, “go to my website”, she kept repeating as if anyone was interested. They were there to hear her say it and she failed miserably.

As for the moderators, although neither were there to do Trump any favors – he even remarked at one point that it was 1 against 3 – Anderson Cooper behaved a lot more reasonably than Martha Raddatz. At one point in the proceedings Raddatz took on the role of Crooked Hillary and started debating with Trump instead of asking a question. It was unacceptable behavior and should rule her out of ever again participating in any political debate forum.

All the talking heads, who usually get it wrong as far as Trump is concerned, thought this debate would finish him. It didn’t.

Against all expectations, particular the expectations of Crooked Hillary, her MSM cohorts, and the Republican wimps who had turned tail and ran, Donald Trump did not walk away from the debate away with his tail between his legs. Instead, and to his great credit Trump gave his supporters exactly what they wanted and what his campaign needed. A yuuuge win!

He was relentless the whole debate and posed questions to Crooked Hillary that she had never faced before from anyone and which were long overdue in the asking.

Despite all the damage that Crooked Hillary, the MSM and the traitors within the Republican Party try to inflict on him, Donald survives to fight another day.

No doubt in the final few days of the campaign they will throw more dirt at him. It is up to us not to be distracted, but instead continue to focus our attention on getting the vote out in November and winning one of the greatest and perhaps unlikely victories of modern politics in America.




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