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Fake Righteous Indignation

The Russians are flexing their muscles in the Middle East and preparing for a major conflict.

America remains under threat of further Islamic terrorist attacks.

The FBI is in internal disarray over Director Comey’s blatant politicizing of the Bureau and his failure to properly investigate the many crimes committed by Crooked Hillary.

The Attorney General Loretta Lynch is under the control of the Clinton crime family.

The White House has been caught lying about the Iran deal, about Benghazi, about Crooked Hillary’s emails and just about everything else.

The economy is in a mess and every country in the world is wiping America’s eye in trade.

And what is making the news 24/7?

Some stupid locker room banter from Donald Trump about women that happened a decade ago when he was a private citizen not involved in public life.


And that’s not the worst of it.

The worst aspect of the whole spectacle, by far, is the fake righteous indignation being displayed by Crooked Hillary and by pieces of trash like Mitt Romney and his RINO friends like the appropriately named Senators Crapo and Flake.

Hillary’s hypocrisy is well documented. Few are buying the story that her outrage at anything Trump said is genuine. Where was all that righteous indignation when husband Bill was, not just talking about women, but raping and sexually abusing his many victims?

Sadly, some Republicans also take every opportunity to act like complete idiots. This time they are trying to make us believe that they’ve never in their lives been in the company of other men where lewd comments have been made about women. Ridiculous.

For them and others like them, it isn’t a question of right or wrong. They fake their righteous indignation simply because it gives them another chance to vent their jealous establishment rage and attack Donald Trump who has upset their cozy Washington apple cart.

The whole presidential campaign has been filled with irrelevant nonsense like this. Anything and everything has and will be used against Trump, not only by Crooked Hillary and her left-wing liberal media allies, but also by the gutless wonders who hang around the Republican Party in the hope of getting soft jobs for themselves without actually having to work or represent the people who mistakenly put them there.

It didn’t work for them in the primaries and it won’t work for them this time either.

Trump said something dumb. Even dumber he got caught saying it on tape. He knows it and he has apologized for it.

So time to move on to the important issues that America faces. Time to stop all the fake righteous indignation and the bogus hysterics.

The alternative to Trump in this election is Crooked Hillary, the most corrupt candidate to ever run for the presidency.

With only a few weeks left until the General Election it is time for America to get real and concentrate on what is really important for the future of the country.




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