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Another DOJ Cover-Up

For Crooked Hillary

The Department of Justice has dropped charges against arms dealer Marc Turi because federal prosecutors are convinced his defense would expose Crooked Hillary’s secret arms running to the radical al-Qaida-affiliated militia in Libya in 2011.


Department of Justice Lynch and Comey covering up for Crooked Hilary

Justice Department lawyers filed a motion in federal court in Phoenix on Monday to drop the case against Turi as they faced a deadline to produce documents to Turi’s legal team in preparation for a trial scheduled to begin on Election Day, Nov. 8.

The DOJ says they dropped the charges after “discovery rulings” from U.S. District Court Judge David Campbell had been made.

Turi says the reason the charges were dropped stem from the Obama Administration’s fear that documents would reveal that the gun running activity was approved and coordinated by Crooked Hillary’s State Department.

“They don’t want this stuff to come out because it will look really bad for Obama and Clinton just before the election,” said an associate of Turi. He claimed that information sought by Turi’s team would show Clinton’s own role in arming Libyan rebels fighting Col. Muammar Gaddafi while she was secretary of state.



Many people believe that part of the reason for the curious behavior of the Obama Administration following the September 11, 2012 terrorist attack in Benghazi was because they desperately wanted to hide their illegal gun running operations.

Last year, Clare Lopez, former CIA officer and co-author of the Citizen’s Commission on Benghazi (CCB) told Breitbart that she had uncovered evidence through her investigation that showed just that:

benghazi-liarsLopez explained that, “The Obama administration effectively switched sides in what used to be called the Global War on Terror [GWOT] when it decided to overthrow the sovereign government of our Libyan ally, Muammar Gaddafi, who’d been helping in the fight against al-Qaeda, by actually teaming up with and facilitating gun-running to Libyan al-Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood [MB] elements there in 2011. This U.S. gun-running policy in 2011 during the Libyan revolution was directed by [then] Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and [the late Libya Ambassador] Christopher Stevens, who was her official envoy to the Libyan AQ rebels.”

Fox News’ Catherine Herridge also revealed documents last year showing the Obama Administration not only knew the Benghazi terror attacks had been planned at least 10 days in advance and that weapons had been shipped from the Benghazi port to arm rebels/terrorists in Syria.

Clearly – and contrary to the lies told by Obama and Crooked Hillary – there was plenty of time to evacuate, or send help to, the American citizens at Benghazi, yet Obama and Crooked Hillary failed to act and four brave souls were needlessly murdered as a result.

Judicial Watch also uncovered the documents showing the details:

Weapons from the former Libya military stockpiles were shipped from the port of Benghazi, Libya to the Port of Banias and the Port of Borj Islam, Syria. The weapons shipped during late-August 2012 were Sniper rifles, RPG’s, and 125 mm and 155mm howitzers missiles.


Cover Up

Regarding the Turi case, Senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano said, “I have read a great many on-the-record and off-the-record materials on the Marc Turi case and it is clear that even though the trial would be after Election Day, the Justice Department did not want to be in a position of defending Secretary Clinton.”

hillary-arms-terrorists-in-libyaNapolitano continued, “Secretary Clinton decided she had to get rid of Gaddafi because she wanted to take credit when she ran for president for being the government official responsible for liberating Libya.”

He also argued that Crooked Hillary knew she would never get a declaration of war from Congress or authorization under the war powers resolution enacted over President Nixon’s veto in 1973, “So, Secretary Clinton persuaded Obama to use CIA intelligence assets who would be exempted from the war powers resolution even if they wore military fatigues in Libya.”

Napolitano explained that to use intelligence assets under the war powers resolution, Clinton needed the cooperation and informal consent of the “Congress within the Congress,” referring to the House Committee on Intelligence and the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, which are sworn to secrecy.

“The result is the president of the United States, the secretary of state and about two dozen people in the House and Senate, including the leadership of both parties in both houses, can authorize a clandestine war using CIA assets,” he said. “And this is exactly what President Obama and Secretary Clinton did.”

“Having obtained the authorization of the House and Senate intelligence committees, Clinton began a secret gunrunning operation to Libya, using a provision in the United Nations-imposed arms embargo on Libya that allowed the foreign minister of participating countries to grant an exception to the embargo,” Napolitano said.

“Hillary granted exemptions to provide arms, not to Gaddafi, but to the militia in Libya that were fighting Gadhafi on the ground,” he said.

“The problem was the CIA told Clinton that some of the militia just looked like militias, masking the fact the militias in Libya are terrorists that will use these weapons against us.”

Napolitano noted that one of the arms dealers to whom Secretary Clinton granted an exemption was Turi.

“Even though Turi never actually ran any guns into Libya, the Department of Justice indicted Turi for doing what Secretary Clinton had authorized him to do, which was providing material assistance to what turned out to be terrorist organizations in Libya,” Napolitano emphasized.

He said Turi’s defense at trial was going to be “exposing Hillary Clinton and her plan to authorize him to run guns to Libya in a clandestine operation Clinton wanted to be able to deny when she ran for president.”

marc-turi-hillary-clintonRather than risking that Turi would expose Clinton, the Department of Justice decided to forego prosecution, but only after Turi spent what Napolitano estimated was millions of dollars in legal expenses and several years of his life being under federal indictment.

Kristi Clemens Rogers, the wife of then-House intel chairman Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Mich., who was CEO of the American Arm of Aegis Defense Systems, a security-contracting firm that reportedly held the lucrative private contract to protect the U.S. compound at Benghazi, was an intermediary on the ground who received the weapons and transferred them to militias in Libya opposing Gaddafi, Napolitano said.

“As a result, Mike Rogers and his wife made money from the gunrunning,” he said. “To avoid being exposed and prosecuted, Rogers left a very secure district in Michigan and decided to retire from the Congress.”

Napolitano also argues that then-House Speaker John Boehner not only signed off on Clinton’s secret gunrunning plan in Libya in 2011 but also chose members of the Benghazi committee to insure the lid would remain on the cover-up.

“Boehner wanted to make sure the wealth achieved by Mike Rogers and his wife, as well as the fact Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell had signed off on Clinton’s plan were never made public,” he said.


Unanswered Questions

It is unfortunate, to say the least, that the Department of Justice has become so corrupt that it is no longer interested in pursuing justice for the American public, or for those American citizens murdered as a result of the corruption, deceit and incompetence of a President and Secretary of State – namely Obama and Clinton.

Their failure to pursue their case against Turi in order to protect Obama and Clinton leaves many important questions officially unanswered.

benghazi_victimsAlthough we know what happened, without concrete proof it is unlikely that Crooked Hillary will ever pay for her illegal secret arming of Libyan rebels, or her disastrous Libyan policy that has caused thousands of needless deaths – not least of which were the four American heroes of the Benghazi terrorist attack.

The only possible hope that the American public will ever discover the whole truth is if Donald Trump is elected in November and is able to fire the Lynch’s and Comey’s, who have chosen to protect Crooked Hillary rather than protect America, and install new people who will do the job properly.

Until then justice in America is a thing of the past.




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