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VP Debate,

Kaine Not Able

Tim Kaine was so not able for Mike Pence at last night’s VP debate that it was almost embarrassing.

vpdebate7Mike Pence had a strong debate performance and clearly won on every level. The contrast between the two men could not have been greater.

The difference in temperament and style was obvious right from the start. Mike Pence responded to question in a cool calm manner and in a natural way. Kaine was hyper (had Crooked Hillary given him some of her stay awake pills?) and sounded too rehearsed and frantic.

From the start it was obvious that Kaine’s game plan was just the same as Crooked Hillary’s. They have no defendable record of achievements or policies of their own, so all they can do is attack Donald Trump – even when he isn’t there!

Kaine spent the entire debate demanding Mike Pence defend Donald Trump’s comments on topics including statements about women, immigrants, Vladmir Putin, nuclear weapons and abortion.

To his great credit Pence didn’t rise to the bait, preferring instead to stick to his own debate strategy.

On the rare occasions when Kaine did manage to score a point – and they were very rare – he immediately lost them again by his constant and very irritating interruptions. It was so bad the moderator had to ask him to stop talking numerous times. He even got on the nerves of his own supporters.

Pence on the other hand floored Kaine when he brought up the subject of Crooked Hillary calling half of Trump’s supporters “deplorables” and saying they were irredeemable. There was no defending that gaff and it made Kaine look small and uncomfortable. Like on most subjects he had no answer.

Indeed, no matter what the subject all Kaine had to offer was “trump said this” or “Trump said that”. Like Crooked Hillary, there was no substance, no policies, and clearly no idea what they would do if elected other than to continue with the failures of the Obama years.


Pence Clear Winner

Pence clearly won the debate. Even Kaine’s supporters including many on the biased MSM had to agree.

MSNBC host Chris Mathews reported in a somber mood that, “If he [Kaine] had just waited his turn … I don’t know why he kept interrupting.”

And he also had to admit, however reluctantly, that Mike Pence, “came across like a grown-up”. In fact he went further. Matthews said that Pence made himself the 2020 GOP frontrunner with “eloquent” positions for pro-life and immigration enforcement, as well as bolstering Donald Trump’s “right-wing flank”.

kaine-penceDesperate Democrats have been trying put the best spin they can on Kaine’s dismal performance. Crooked Hillary’s campaign released a statement saying that they wanted to make Trump the issue in the debate, and that Kaine had done that. They conveniently left out the part about it not working and that the even their own supporters were not buying that crock anymore!

Donald Trump needed a good performance from Pence in the VP debate and he got one. Whilst a surprise choice to many, Pence has proved that he is a great VP pick.

Crooked Hillary needed a good performance from Kaine and she didn’t get one. Far from it. Given the poor state of Crooked Hillary’s health and the possibility that if elected she couldn’t serve a full term the public were given little confidence that her VP pick was up to the job of replacing her.

Not that we need worry too much about that because we all expect Trump to win in November.

There are two more debates to go, the first coming on Sunday night in a town-hall format and if Trump can do as good a job as his running mate by stick to his policies and refusing to sink down to the gutter level of Crooked Hillary, then another win is assured.




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