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Switching From Clinton to Trump

Many voters who at the start of the presidential election campaign were certain they would be voting for Crooked Hillary have switched to Trump.

Their change of heart is the result of many factors.

There is Trump’s policies, particularly on the economy, trade deals and jobs. He is also seen as much stronger on security, exuding an air of certainty that he will secure America’s border, put an end to illegal immigration and stop the invasion of unvetted refugees from Syria and other countries where the Islamic terrorists have bases.

trump-tax-planTaxation is another area where Trump is proving more popular. His reduction in corporation taxes as an incentive to companies to establish themselves in America (or an incentive to stop them leaving) is a strong reason to vote for him. So too is his proposal to abolish the death tax which is, and always has been, nothing more than an excuse for government to steal from the public.

Crooked Hillary, on the other hand, claims to be cutting taxes, but in fact under her plan, estate taxes would be higher for anyone with estates over $5 million. That’s on top of having your earnings taxed so a Clinton government would effectively take three-quarters of your earnings!

That’s unless you are very rich and can establish trusts and foundations to avoid estate taxes – like er, Crooked Hillary.

Then there is Crooked Hillary’s untrustworthiness. As we have noted before, more Americans believe in Bigfoot that believe Crooked Hillary.

Since the day her campaign began (and for years before that actually) Crooked Hillary has lied consistently to the American public, to Congress, to the families of the Benghazi heroes, to her own Party and to anyone else who would listen to her.

She has lied about her emails. She has lied about her Foundations. She has lied about her time as Secretary of State. She has lied Trump and about Trump’s supporters. And now she is lying about what she will do if she gets elected as president.

hillary-too-sick-to-be-president-too-greedy-to-quit-the-raceFinally, there is Crooked Hillary’s health – or rather the lack of it. In a sentence, Crooked Hillary is not healthy enough – either mentally, physically or morally – to ever be leader of America and the free world.

Those are just some of the reasons why people have been switching from Crooked Hillary to Donald Trump.

You will seldom, if ever, see that change reflected in public opinion polls – except perhaps for one. The one in November, which is the only one that really counts.




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