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The Big Debate – Who Won?

The good news is that Donald Trump won the debate.

The only bad news is that it was a win on points rather than a knockout.

But we were looking for a win and we got one, so we should be very happy. It is more than enough to satisfy everyone already on board the Trump Train, whether or not is has convinced the 20+ million undecided voters to hop on remains to be seen, but we hope so.

Maybe Trump was deliberately holding back some ammunition for the next two debates. A sensible enough strategy, after all this was just round one and the combatants were sizing each other up.

Trump scored a number of good points.

For example he quickly burst Crooked Hillary’s “experience” bubble by remarking that while she did have political experience it was “bad experience!”

He also hit her hard on trade deals, making Crooked Hillary and husband Bill claim ownership of the disastrous NAFTA deal and highlighting her support for Obama’s TPP. She tried to wriggle out of it, but fooled no one.

And Trump was much stronger on law and order. He gave people confidence that he could and would make America safer. She didn’t.

Hillary opened by announcing that there was a lot wrong with America. The only thing was, her solutions consisted of more of the same policies that Obama has followed for the past seven and a bit years. Policies that have signally failed the American people.

Most people know that if the present government were not so corrupt Crooked Hillary would not have been on the debate stage at all, but rather in prison and for violations of espionage and national security laws or for running the State Department as her own private pay-to-play scheme.

She did nothing the whole evening to dispel that thought, even though she was not challenged directly on many of her crooked issues.

Trump held back, disappointingly at times. But as noted above, maybe he was leaving some of his ammunition for subsequent debates.

Benghazi for example did not get a mention and it should have. The needless deaths of those four Americans should be cast up to Crooked Hillary at every available opportunity. Mr. Trump take a note for the next debate please.

And then there is all the scandals connected with the Clinton Foundation and with Bill Clinton.

There is a case of going too far and appearing bullying certainly, but at the same time the public needs to be reminded of the vile nature of the Clintons.

People won’t buy the excuse of not wanting to hurt little Chelsea’s feelings. She is someone who is part of the Clinton Foundation and who has lived off its ill-gotten gains for many years so she has to be fair game.

America’s feelings have been hurt by the very fact that a criminal like Crooked Hillary is even allowed to run for president. That should take precedence.

The only time when Crooked Hillary scored any points was when she, ably assisted by the moderator, brought up the birther issue or asked about Trump’s tax returns.

However, Trump was able to turn both issues back on to Crooked Hillary. He reminded everyone that it was one of Crooked Hillary’s close associates (Blumenthal) who had started the whole birther issue and on the subject of tax returns he said he would gladly release them when Crooked Hillary released the 30 thousand emails she was trying desperately to hide.

Apart from that – and rather unfairly – the only other points Crooked Hillary managed to score were bonus points for being able to stand up for the 90 minutes without keeling over in a heap. Still, maybe next time.

So, on to debate number two in a few weeks.

Let’s hope there is a lot more attacking and less having to defend for Trump and vice versa for Crooked Hillary.

Next time we want her put under extreme pressure over Banghazi, the “basket of deplorables”, the Clinton Foundation, the pay-to-play schemes and a lot more besides.




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