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Open Borders Or A Safer America?

A few weeks ago we saw Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union Party (CDU) took a severe beating in the regional, Mecklenburg-West Pomerania elections.

merkel-immigrant-crime-germanyThat was followed by a similar bad result in the parliamentary elections in Germany’s capital city of Berlin, where Mrs. Merkel’s Christian Democrats (CDU) suffered their worst ever results in the German capital, with just 17.5 per cent of the vote.

The anti-immigrant Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, which previously did not hold any seats there, has now pulled almost even with Merkel’s CDU, winning the highest share of the vote for the far-Right in Berlin since the Second World War, with around 14 percent.

The national elections won’t take place until next year, but these regional parliamentary elections are generally viewed as setting the stage for what will happen then. The establishment is panicking, knowing that a lot worse may follow.

It is all the result of Chancellor Merkel’s idiotic move to open Germany’s borders to all and sundry.

group-of-germans-protesting-against-refugeesHer open border policy has created a refugee crisis in Germany. Crime rates are growing and there are increasing fears of terrorism which are the driving factors for voters.

Merkel has already started to make apologies for the fallout from her open borders immigration policy, but, unfortunately for her, the German public aren’t buying it. Next year’s elections could spell the end for Angela Merkel, once held to be one of the most influential leaders in European politics.

The German backlash against the uncontrolled influx of immigrants, the vast majority of them from Muslim countries in the Middle East and Africa, follows the success of the Brexit vote in Britain, where the immigration issue was enough to sway voters to reject the European Union.

The big question now is whether the American voting public are as smart as the British and the Germans?

munich-immigration-or-invasionTrump supporters certainly are and if enough independents and cross-over voters are similarly concerned about the Obama/Clinton open border policy then this issue may also be the deciding factor in November.

There are only two choices.

Do you support Crooked Hillary, who has pledged to increase the Syrian refugee intake by 550 percent and continue Obama’s disastrous open border policy?

Or do you support Donald Trump, who has pledged to secure America’s borders, deport the criminals who are here illegally and end the invasion of Syrian refugees?

You may never have an easier decision to make.




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