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A Vote For Clinton

Is A Vote For

More Unemployment

Donald Trump has pledged that as President he will create 25 million jobs during his term in office.

He will do it by cutting red tape, making it easier to start up and run a business in America.

fox-poll-trump-better-on-economyHe will do it by reducing corporate taxes, making it more profitable to start up and run a business in America.

He will do it by making it easier and less expensive for companies to repatriate cash they hold overseas, cash that can then be spent to create more jobs in America.

And he will do it by renegotiating trade agreements, make it more difficult and expensive to import foreign made goods into America.

What will Crooked Hillary do?

She will do what Democrats always do.

She will increase regulations for businesses, making all of them more uncompetitive and destroying some, like the coal industry.

She will continue and expand Obamacare, which has already put unnecessary pressure and expenses on existing businesses.

She will increase corporate taxes and personal taxes to help for pay for her socialist agenda.

She will endorse horrendous trade deals like TPP ensuring jobs flow out of the United States to Mexico, China and elsewhere.

And she will perpetuate the Democrat mantra of making as many people as possible reliant on the state, so they will continue to vote for Democrat candidates.


The Evidence Is Clear

There is clear evidence already of the damaging effect of policies initiated by the Obama administration and previous Democrat administrations, particularly that of Bill Clinton.

Take the motor industry as an example.

ford-is-moving-all-car-production-to-mexico-On September 14, the Ford Motor Company announced that it will move all of its small car manufacturing to Mexico as of 2018 or 2019.

Earlier in the year Fiat Chrysler said it would cease manufacturing all vehicles in the United States by the end of 2016.

When these moves are completed the only car manufacturer making the majority of its cars in America will be General Motors. For how long we don’t know. If policies are not changed they may have no alternative but to follow the others out of America and thousands more jobs will go with them.

This trend of large manufacturing moving abroad can be seen in many other industries too. It is caused by a mixture of high union labor wages, unrealistic health care costs and lack of barriers to exporting jobs to foreign shores.


The Rot Started With The Clintons

In fact the rot really started with the Clintons. Under Bill’s presidency the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) was enacted. He claimed that under NAFTA America’s economy would grow via greater exports and that manufacturing jobs would increase as a result.

Like his wife, he lied.

bill-clinton-naftaIn the post NAFTA years America’s industrial economy has shrunk, More than one-third of the nation’s manufacturing jobs have been lost.

Yet, even with the overwhelming evidence that NAFTA has been a complete disaster for the American economy, the Democrats are hell-bent on creating more.

They want to introduce three new free-trade agreements, (1) the Transpacific Partnership (TPP); (2) the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP); and (3) the Trade in Services Agreement (TISA). These have been drawn up and are headed to Congress and the president for ratification.

Obama is determined that the TPP will be passed by Congress during his “lame-duck” session this Fall so he can sign it into law before he leaves office. The plan is that Crooked Hillary will finish the job during her first term.

Currently, for campaigning purposes, Crooked Hillary is pretending not to support TPP, but she only started to actively oppose the agreements in 2015 after a huge public outcry. The fact is that she actually helped to draft the TPP during her tenure as Secretary of State and referred to the pact as a “gold standard” as recently as 2013 speaks volumes for her real intent if elected.

If she gets to the Oval Office – which we all hope will never happen – she will change her tune again. It may take a few sizeable contributions to the Clinton Foundation or several highly paid speaking engagements for husband Bill, but she will be bought off. As she gets richer and richer, America, and ordinary Americans, will get poorer and poorer.

Only Donald Trump will remove all the obstacles that are damaging the American economy so badly.

Crooked Hillary will extend them and make America even weaker.

A vote for Crooked Hillary is a vote for more unemployment and the further decline of America.

A vote for Donald Trump is a vote for more employment, a stronger economy and the chance to make America great again.

Which will you choose?




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