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Cancelling Clinton

Have you ever heard of “intermittent pneumonia”?


Well that’s not surprising because it does not exist.

But Crooked Hillary seems to have been smitten with this non-existent disease. (To give it its full title, as explained by various people from the Clinton campaign, she is suffering from “overheated intermittent non-contagious allergic dehydational bacterial pneumonia flu”. That doesn’t exist either!

That’s not to say that’s there’s nothing wrong with Crooked Hillary. There clearly is. It’s just that it isn’t “pneumonia”. That is another lie concocted by the lying Clinton campaign to hide her real health issues.

hillary-tired-plane-bombsWhen Crooked Hillary gave a brief press conference on her campaign airplane in response to the terror attacks in Minnesota, New Jersey and New York, she did not look well. Some say she appeared to be heavily sedated. Others that she resembled a “zombie”, prompting many people to start using the hashtag #ZombieHillary.

But, whatever her health problem really is, it is serious enough to make Crooked Hillary cancel another event on Monday this week, this time in California.

The California cancellation is the third time (she cancelled Monday and Tuesday of last week) that Crooked Hillary’s failing health has caused her to pull out from a scheduled campaign event.

She also cancelled an event in Chapel Hill, NC, on Tuesday. This had been billed as “lunch with Hillary Rodham Clinton” and was a money raiser with four donation levels to attend. Those contribution levels were described as $100,000, which featured “chair reception with Hillary,” $33,000, which included a “host reception with Hillary,” $5,000, which included “preferred seating” and $2,700, which didn’t seem to include anything apart from getting you in the door.

We all know how greedy Crooked Hillary is. So the fact that she is not able to turn up at an event like this is a good indication that whatever is ailing her is very serious.


Growing Speculation

Ever she collapsed in a heap at the 9/11 Memorial Service in New York City there is growing speculation as to what is really wrong with her and how serious it may actually be. Suggestions include brain tumor, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

Frustration is growing even among the Clinton friendly media as to the cause of her ill health. Even the MSM have stopped talking about her “stumble” in New York and are no longer buying the “pneumonia” excuse.

yougov-poll-hillarys-health-perceptionsPublic confidence in her fitness for the presidency is also falling. A new YouGov poll has found that only 39% of Americans currently believe that Crooked Hillary is in good enough physical condition to effectively serve as president for the next four years.

This result represent a significant shift from just over a week ago, when the same survey found that 52% of Americans believed Clinton was in good enough shape.

The next big test of her fitness and stamina will come soon. The first TV debate is imminent. It will be interesting to see if she can cope with that pressure or falls flat on her face – maybe literally!




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