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Trump Up Nearly Everywhere

Say Polls

After Crooked Hillary’s false post-convention bounce things are coming back to reality in the polls.

Even the Clinton News Network can’t hide it. Their latest poll shows Donald Trump now 3 points ahead in Florida, with 47 percent of likely voters to Crooked Hillary’s 44 percent.

The CNN poll finished Monday, only one day after Crooked Hillary’s collapse, and the lies they told about that, so if taken today the picture may even be rosier for Trump and decidedly worse for Crooked Hillary.




A Bloomberg poll of likely voters in Ohio, taken over the weekend and conducted by Iowa-based Selzer & Co., also shows Donald Trump moving out to a five-point lead in both two- and four-way race questions, Trump is preferred by 48 percent of likely voters to Crooked Hillary’s 43 percent.

The Bloomberg survey was conducted beginning last Friday, the night Clinton publicly referred to half of Trump’s supporters as “deplorables,” and continued through Monday, one day after Crooked Hillary’s collapse in Lower Manhattan and the subsequent list of lies about what is really wrong with her.

This shift in Ohio is significant. Crooked Hillary had either tied or led every poll in the state since late April until the most recent Quinnipiac poll put Trump up by one last week.




Another recent Reuters/Ipsos poll also showed Trump leading in Colorado, which hitherto has been a solidly Democrat state.

Here Trump now has a narrow edge in a two-way race, 43 percent to 41 percent. Previously Crooked Hillary had a lead of 12 points in Colorado in early August, then by eight in a poll taken a week later, then by five and now she trails by two in the latest Reuters poll. If that trend continues to hold it may be a sign that the tide is beginning to turn in Trump’s favor.




Trump is also ahead in the Silver State by 44 percent to 42 percent.

Nevada is showing a similar trend to the others. It has been tight throughout the summer, but now is also showing clear signs of the Crooked Hillary slide. She led by four in Monmouth’s last poll of the state and now trails by two.

The change over the past week, the week of the “deplorables” and the collapse in New York have been quite dramatic as the LA Times national tracking poll shows:


If Trump can take Ohio, Florida and a couple more of the swing states then he will also be taking up residence in the White House next year.

There is a certain irony in the fact that the Democrats rigged their primaries to secure the nomination for a candidate who is well on her way to losing the presidency and who would not be physically or mentally capable of doing the job even if they handed it to her tomorrow.


The Senate

Trump is also having an effect on the chances of Republican senators in battleground states – and not the one most people predicted. Far from harming the chances of the Republican Senate candidates, they are now actually more competitive than most thought they would be. All to do with the voter enthusiasm that Trump’s candidacy has created.

vote trump make america great againQuinnipiac polling shows the GOP has a good chance of retaining majority control of the Senate, possibly with a reduced majority, but a win is still a win. Without Trump’s intervention they would be losing heavily by this stage. Can you imagine how many voters Jeb! would have inspired? (The answer to that is somewhere between none and zero!)

If the GOP is wise – wise meaning that they fully support the policies of their president – it may well have total control for the foreseeable future.

If they do that then they can make America great again.




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