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Trump Leads In Florida

For the first time since the conventions, Trump is now leading in a four-way race.

About a month ago Monmouth had Crooked Hillary well ahead in Florida, by nine points. Now PPP has Trump in the lead. Quite a shift in the time.

trump-vs-clinton-ppp-poll-floridaFlorida is one of the key states for Trump. Theoretically he could still win the presidency without it, but success in the Sunshine State would be a yuuuge and welcome boost towards the 270 electoral college votes he needs.

The biased liberal media is full of stories about how Trump will struggle in Florida because of his weakness with minorities. Crooked Hillary does better among Hispanics but not convincingly so. Among black voters her figures are 16 points below those of Obama in 2012. How much of this is due to Crooked Hillary’s unpopularity and how much to Donald Trump’s recent outreach to the African-American community is not known, but is a major problem for Democrats if it remains this way on Election Day.

White voters still make up the majority in the state, and here Trump has a 27 point advantage. If the white vote turns out in November as expected, then Crooked Hillary will struggle. She certainly has no chance of running away with the race in Florida, no matter how much the MSM would like to paint it that way.

In the end Florida will probably turn out to be the same close run thing as usual – but with Trump winning of course.

In this poll as in many others recently Crooked Hillary’s favorable rating just gets worse and worse Рnot helped by the fact that she continues to tell stupid lies at every possible opportunity.


Yuuuge Trump rally Pensacola, Florida

In the cross-voting stakes Trump also does considerably better than Crooked Hillary. Nineteen percent of Democrats view Trump favorably, whereas only four percent of Republicans are favorably disposed towards Crooked Hillary – that will probably be dishonorable Jeb Bush and a few of his mates.

Also in this poll, Trump has 85 percent of Republican support, but Crooked Hillary can only manage 78 percent of Democrats. She needs a lot more.

The long and the short of it is that if Donald Trump can continue to campaign as he has been doing recently then his numbers will improve even more and Florida should be his in November.

But you must get out and vote too!




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