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#NeverHillary Trumps #NeverTrump

Given the choice between Donald Trump as the next President of the United States or the corrupt Crooked Hillary, there really is no choice for any sane American.

At long last even some of the holdouts in what was the #NeverTrump camp have come to that conclusion. Why it took them so long is a bit of a mystery, but the good news is that they got there in the end.

mark-levinOne of the latest high-profilers to realize that #NeverHillary takes a higher priority than #NeverTrump is broadcaster Mark Levin, who told his listeners recently that he would cast his ballot for Donald Trump.

Levin explained on air to his audience that only two candidates have a realistic chance of becoming the next president and the alternative, Crooked Hillary is unacceptable.

Though still critical of Trump on a number of issues, Levin also laid out some pluses about the Trump campaign. He spoke positively about his positions on tax, immigration, law enforcement, and foreign policy.

Mark Levin has concluded that the future for America will be considerably brighter without the crooked corrupt Clinton crime family back in the White House.

He is absolutely correct about that.

Let’s hope and pray that in November the vast majority of Americans agree and vote accordingly.




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