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Even The Clinton News Network

Can’t Hide It

Traditionally after Labor Day the polls shift their emphasis to polling likely voters as opposed to random samples.

With just around 60 days to go until the election, CNN/ORC have produced their first poll of likely voters.

The result? Donald Trump is beating Crooked Hillary by two points, 45 percent to her 43 percent. Libertarian Gary Johnson has 7 percent and the Green Party’s Jill Stein at just 2 percent. The #NeverTrump spoiler candidate ‘Eggan McMuffin’ is nowhere to be seen – probably off the menu.

cnn-orc-national-poll-trump-leadsThis is the first time Trump has broken through the 41 percent mark in the four-way race since the conventions. In fact, the 45 percent CNN has for him is the best he’s ever polled in the four-way race.

It’s still close, but the wind is now in Trump’s favor. It is just a question of keeping the momentum going for the next 60 days or so.


Good News For America

Recently, just after the DNC Convention, Crooked Hillary had an 8-point skewed false lead, but this has disappeared despite a challenging month for Trump, which saw an overhaul of his campaign staff, treacherous announcements of support for Crooked Hillary from several high-profile Republicans and criticism of his campaign strategy.

The CNN poll shows that Trump performs better among likely voters and those with more enthusiasm to get out and vote.

cnn-orc-poll-very-enthusiastic-votersMost of those voters are motivated by their support for Trump and an eagerness to break the establishment’s stranglehold on politics in America.

Others are motivated by a desire to see Crooked Hillary defeated because they know she will be a disaster for the country.

Either way, it works to Trump’s advantage.

As regards the demographics, while Crooked Hillary is still doing better than Trump among women, the gap between them is slipping. But Trump is more than making up for it with a 54 to 32 span among men.

Another important result in this survey is that Trump has reached 90 percent support among Republicans. His favorable rating has also improved since July, by 12 points, making him slightly more popular than Crooked Hillary.

If we can keep the momentum going for Trump even the biased media won’t be able to suppress the truth for much longer. Good news for America.




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