The Trump Report: Kochs Face Backlash

. Kochs Face Backlash Republican Party stalwarts the Koch brothers are facing a donor backlash because of their failure to support Donald Trump. Charles Koch hosted another of his famous retreats for donors last weekend. His quest this time was … Continue reading →

The Trump Report: More WikiLeaks Imminent

. More WikiLeaks Imminent Less than two weeks after WikiLeaks rocked the Clinton campaign on the eve of the Democrat’s convention by leaking hacked e-mails showing DNC efforts to rig the nomination in favor of Crooked Hillary, they’re going to … Continue reading →

The Trump Report: Obama Admits Clinton Unfit

. Obama Admits Clinton Unfit New Obama administration legal filings before the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia have revealed that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton did not complete any security briefings or courses on the proper … Continue reading →

The Trump Report: That Fox Interview

. That Fox Interview In her first exclusive post-nomination interview on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace, Crooked Hillary was questioned about some of her prior lies regarding the email scandal. In response Crooked Hillary did what she does best … Continue reading →

The Trump Report: Democrats Nominate Warmonger

. Democrats Nominate Warmonger Crooked Hillary is the Democrat’s nominee for president. They sealed the deal as they always do at their conference. This year they inflicted themselves on poor Philadelphia. It was no secret that Crooked Hillary would win … Continue reading →

The Trump Report: Change? What Change?

. Change? What Change? America is clearly on the wrong track following Obama’s failed policies that have weakened and divided the country and left it wide open to future Islamic terrorist attacks. Every person with two brain cells to rub … Continue reading →