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Even Skewed Polls Can’t Hide It

Even skewed polls can’t hide the fact that Donald Trump has started to turn things around over the past week. The gap between Crooked Hillary and himself are narrowing substantially, both nationally and crucially in a few key swing states.

According to the Real Clear Politics average, Trump has gained 2.3 points nationally over the last few weeks. He has even halved Clinton’s lead in one national poll.

In the latest Morning Consult survey, Donald Trump is now only 2 points behind Crooked Hillary, at 37 percent to her 39 percent.

MC poll august 2016

In the swing state North Carolina, considered a “must win” state for Trump, a Monmouth University poll shows him only 2 points behind Crooked Hillary. This is a yuuuge improvement on an NBC News/Wall Street Journal/Marist poll that had Trump trailing by 9 points in the state.

The UPI/CVoter daily presidential tracking poll released Tuesday shows Hillary Clinton leading Donald Trump by less than 1 percentage point for a second consecutive day.

The online poll shows 47.98 percent for Clinton, compared to 47.24 percent for Trump.


Help From An Unlikely Source

Donald Trump has recently received help from an unlikely source. The State Department announced last week that it won’t be able to release the entire schedule from Clinton’s time as secretary of state until just before the new year, which has given added credibility to Trump’s assertion that Obama and Clinton are doing their best to rig the election against him.

state-department-won't-release-hillary-clinton-schedule-until-after-electionBut the State Department aren’t the only ones with incriminating evidence on Crooked Hillary and the others that do will not have the same reluctance to hold on to it until after the election.

With more and more revelations during the coming weeks Crooked Hillary will find herself under continued pressure.

A great opportunity for Trump to boost his position still further in the run up to November 8th.




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