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Why Is Hillary Hiding?

Hillary Clinton hasn’t held a press conference in well over 250 days. For someone running to be the President of the United States that is very strange.

Crooked Hillary can't hide foreverIn “normal” countries with “normal” politics and a “normal” press and media, hiding away like this during an election campaign would be the death knell for any candidate.

Normally, if you don’t tell the press what’s going on they will start making up an explanation on their own which certainly won’t flatter you.

But this is America. And the liberal socialist media is all about getting Crooked Hillary elected. They are so biased it doesn’t seem to matter whether she talks to them or not.

Despite her scandalous use of private servers, deleting emails to hide her tracks and betraying national security by failing to secure classified material, not to mention the corruption of the Clinton Foundation, nothing has been done.

Even when leaked emails exposed her illegal pay-to-play scam at the State Department, Crooked Hillary has been allowed to remain in hiding.

Sure she makes the odd (sometimes very odd) appearance on safe TV shows, like she did on Jimmy Kimmel, or holds a small rally here and there at which she is short on policy and long on criticizing Donald Trump, but she simply refuses to be subjected to questions about anything substantive.


Less Than 3 Months

With less than three months to go and more leaks coming almost daily, all she seems to want to do is hide and ride out any negative reaction to whatever secrets are exposed, until election day.

Crooked Hillary is keeping quiet about how Clinton Foundation officials were able to set up State Department meetings for donors when she was secretary of state.

Crooked Hillary distraction strategyShe has been allowed to distract attention away from her illegal pay-to-play scheme by falsely accusing Donald Trump of being a racist, which he is not. The media hardly questioned her motive, just ran with the distraction.

Even when Crooked Hillary’s abuses of power are so great that the media can’t ignore them completely, all they do is the bare minimum of reporting. Then they let the story die. They show no interest in the serious nature of the revelations about Crooked Hillary, nor how her crimes and incompetence affect the country or show her to be unfit to ever become president. There is no moral indignation or outrage.

Contrast that with their attitude towards Donald Trump. Any stories about him, even when they are very minor and trivial, are carried 24/7 by organizations like CNN (aka. the Clinton News Network) and played over and over and over again for days on end.

But it could all backfire for Crooked Hillary. People who become over confident also become ever more arrogant, which in turn leads to carelessness and mistakes.

Encouraged by a series of false and skewed polls that put her in a non-existent double figure lead over Donald Trump, Crooked Hillary has recently abandoned the campaign trail to fundraise in America’s wealthiest areas. Her recent fundraiser at the Hollywood Hills home of movie stars Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel followed a weekend fundraising spree in Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard.

Apart from that, Crooked Hillary thinks that by hiding until November she will be able to avoid any unfortunate questions or the possibility of a public slip-up (sometimes verbal, sometimes physical) by putting herself out in the public eye.


It’s Up To Trump

Will she get away with it? Probably not. But how badly her strategy backfires on her is up to Donald Trump and his campaign.

By running away and hiding Crooked Hillary is leaving the way wide open for Donald Trump to regain his political footing, which recently he has been doing to good effect.

WikiLeaks set to release info on Crooked HillaryMuch as she would like to, Crooked Hillary can’t hide forever. Assuming her health holds out, which is by no means a certainly according to a lot of reports, Crooked Hillary has to show herself in the public debates, where her abysmal record will come under public scrutiny and where she will be challenged with some difficult questions – if not from the moderators, certainly by Trump. She will lie as always, but hopefully the American public will be able to see through that and see her for what she really is.

That’s also assuming Mr. Assange and his WikiLeaks revelations haven’t put paid to her chances before then.

The weeks ahead are going to be very interesting.




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