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Treasury Document

Proves Obama Lied Again

During that past month or so the State Department has been “unable” (read, “unwilling”) to answer even basic questions about the timing or details of a $1.3 billion payment to Iran.

Obama with pile of moneyNo thanks to the Obama administration we did discover that $400 million was paid in laundered cash for the release of several hostages.

According to Obama he paid it in laundered cash because “the U.S. did not have a banking relationship with Iran that would allow us to wire the money directly.”

Now if Bill Clinton were writing this report he’d call that excuse the biggest load of “bull” he’d ever heard.

So what happened to the additional $1.3 billion that the State Department doesn’t seem to want to talk about?

The New York Sun may have discovered the answer. The Sun’s Claudia Rosett found the remaining $1.3 billion in interest was apparently paid from something called the “Judgment Fund”. It was done in a series of 13 identical payments of $99,999,999.99. Confirmation of the payments can be found online – on a government website!

Look, here they are:


The payments were all made on the same day, all shared the same file and control reference numbers, all certified by the U.S. Attorney General, but each assigned a different identification number. They add up to $1,299,999,999.87, or 13 cents less than the $1.3 billion.

Matt Lee of the Associated Press poked fun at the State Department’s unhelpful press conferences during Tuesday’s briefing.

Referencing reports of thirteen payments made by the Treasury Department’s Judgment Fund for $99,999,999.99 under the jurisdiction of “foreign claims,” Lee asked State Department’s deputy spokesperson Mark Toner about payments to Iran.

Lee asked, “If you add it all up, you’re thirteen cents short. Have the Iranians asked for their thirteen cents, or are you guys holding onto it for leverage for the next release of prisoners?”

AP reporter matt lee at state department press briefing

AP reporter Matt Lee at State Department press briefing

Toner then refused to acknowledge that the $1.3 billion, transferred from the Treasury Department via the Judgment Fund to the State Department, was for the purposes of sending to Iran.

“I don’t have any comment on it,” said Toner, claiming unfamiliarity with the details of the transfer. He then read a statement declaring that “certain confidentialities” prevented him from saying more on the transfer of funds.

“Trying to say that it’s confidential now, after it’s on a website, and it’s publicly accessible to anyone, except maybe, I don’t know, people in North Korea, is just, seems to be, you know, just seems to be a bit ridiculous,” responded Lee.


There’s More!

Ridiculous indeed. But here’s the other interesting thing.

The payments were all marked “electronic fund transfer” and they were all made on January 19th, just two days after the laundered cash delivery to Iran (and one of those days, January 18th, was a federal holiday).

Saeed Abedini Iran ransom paymentSo, Obama having told us he sent $400 million in laundered cash because, quote, “the U.S. did not have a banking relationship with Iran that would allow us to wire the money directly”, how was it possible that just two days later he could send $1.3 billion by electronic transfer without a bit of bother?

The quick answer is because Obama, like Crooked Hillary, is a liar.

The longer answer is that Obama sent the $400 million in laundered cash, because the cash gave him the extra leverage to trade for the hostages – in other words to pay the ransom!

Reporter Matt Lee asked more or less the same question to State Department spokesman Mark Toner. He said, “These transfers certainly appear to have been made by wire not paid in actual cash. If that is the case I’m wondering…why you couldn’t have paid the $400 million in the same way?”

State Department spokesman Mark Toner

State Department spokesman Mark Toner

Spokesman Mark Toner replied, “I’m not sure if I can give you a complete answer on that.” All he could do was to repeat Obama’s lie that the U.S. did not have a “bank to bank” financial relationship with Iran at the time. He apparently still did not get it, that the ransom cat was already out of the bag.

Lee pressed the point saying, “But you’re suggesting that there might have been some change in your banking relationship between the 17th of January and the 19th of January that would have allowed this to…the 18th as I recall was a federal holiday.”

Toner replied, “I don’t know” and added, “And we’ve said we’re not going to talk about this.”

I bet they’re not.


Refusal To Explain

Toner then refused to explain why the thirteen transfers of money to Iran appeared to be made via wire transfer, whereas another payment of $400 million was made in cash, delivered in multiple currencies on pallets delivered via aircraft.

Lee summed up the situation like this. He said, “This stuff keeps coming out, drip, drip, drip, drip, drip. If the administration wants to put this behind itself it would seem to me that it would be smart to actually get an answer to these questions.”

He meant truthful answers, of course.

Toner replied there were “reasons for us withholding this information…to protect the confidentiality.” He would not even confirm that the 13 payments of just under $100 million were the interest payments to Iran, though he promised to look into it. Toner seemed to become a bit agitated at this point saying, “If you guys think that I enjoy standing up here and getting continual questions from you about the process here, I don’t.”

“It’s not you,” Lee replied, “It is this hell-bend desire to keep this stuff secret when it’s not secret anymore.”

Obama refuses to tell Congress about the $1.3 billion paid to IranWhen this much has already been made public why on earth does the Obama administration persist in withholding information, not just from the public but from Congress as well?

The Departments of State, Treasury, and Justice have all rebuffed a congressional probe into the circumstances surrounding the $1.3 billion payment to Iran, which is the balance of money given to Iran, the first tranche being the $400 million hostage ransom payment.

The State Department said it does not know how the remaining $1.3 billion was transferred or to whom it was transferred.

That’s being a tad careless with taxpayers’ money, don’t you think?

But nice of a Government website to show us what really happened.

Get out of that one, Obama!




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