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Treacherous Ted Tanks In Texas

Remember treacherous Ted Cruz, the sore loser who made a total jerk of himself on national TV at the RNC Conference in Cleveland?

ted-cruz-odds-he-will-be-president-0Well, he is still suffering the consequences of his dishonorable conduct. What you could call a reaction to a jerk, rather than a jerk reaction.

Although the RNC hasn’t got round to throwing this liability out of the party yet, the people are giving their opinion on what they think of treacherous Ted.

And it ain’t good – for him!

A new poll suggests former Texas governor Rick Perry would beat Cruz by 9 percentage points in the 2018 Senate election, if he chose to run.

The poll, from the Democrat-leaning firm Public Policy Polling, found Perry would get 46 percent of the vote and Cruz 37 percent, with 18 percent saying they are not sure who they would support.

In general, the poll shows Texas Republicans just about want Cruz to be their candidate for Senate again in 2018 — but not overwhelmingly. Fifty percent said they would like Cruz to be the nominee, while 43 percent said would like someone else to carry the banner.

At the moment Cruz might be able to defeat lesser-known challengers, like Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick and Rep. Mike McCaul, but if he had to run against a well-known and popular figure like Perry, he could really struggle. Perry’s favorable rating among Republicans is 74/17.

Perry has a strong track record in Texas. He is three-term governor there and is also a two-time presidential candidate, so he is even better known that Cruz.

Perry Cruz

Polls say that Rick Perry would beat Cruz if he stood in the 2018 Senate election

On top of that, and in complete contrast to Cruz, Perry is an honorable man who, despite having had differences of opinion with Donald Trump during the Republican nomination campaign, nevertheless stood by his pledge and has supported Trump in his bid to become president.

Not only does he lead Cruz by nine overall, he’s actually significantly ahead among Republicans, 49/35.

This is a very dramatic fall from grace as far as Cruz is concerned in his home state of Texas.

A few months ago Cruz won the Texas primary by 17 points, now he will be struggling to get re-elected to the Senate. He may have to go back to working for the Bush family – if he ever stopped, that is.




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