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How Much Are You Worth?

It used to be a bit of a chore trying to work out what you are worth. You had to list and estimate the value of your assets and then deduct whatever liabilities you had.

Obama-lying-Hassan-Rouhani-telling-the-truthHowever, now it’s really easy. Just round up the figure and hey presto you’re worth $100 million!

Yes, you. Thanks to the stupidest president in living memory you have a price tag of $100 million on your head every time you leave the United States of America.

It’s all because of Obama’s pathetically insane decision to pay ransom for the hostages taken by the Islamic terrorist sponsoring state of Iran.

And now it’s official. The State Department has issued a warning urging U.S. citizens to avoid traveling to Iran, which has made the detention of Americans a priority.

The latest travel advisory, which emphasizes Iran’s desire to capture U.S. citizens, comes on the heels of a growing scandal over the Obama administration’s decision to pay Iran $400 million in cash on the same day that it freed several U.S. hostages.

Obama and his administration have lied about it, but no matter what they say or how they say it, they paid a ransom to the Iranian kidnappers. And all that Obama’s weakness has achieved is to encourage Iran to take even more Americans hostage, which they have already done.

The Iranians continue to unjustly detain and imprison U.S. citizens, particularly Iranian-Americans, including students, journalists, business travelers, and academics, on false charges including espionage and posing a threat to national security.

Iranian authorities have also prevented the departure, in some cases for months, of a number of Iranian-American citizens who traveled to Iran for personal or professional reasons.

Other Muslim states, or Islamic terrorist organizations within them, will follow suit now they have seen what a push-over Obama is. The world is now a much more dangerous place for American citizens.

travel_to_iranThe travel warning is meant to “highlight the risk of arrest and detention of U.S. citizens, particularly dual national Iranian-Americans,” according to a State Department announcement on Monday.

“Foreigners, in particular dual nationals of Iran and Western countries including the United States, continue to be detained or prevented from leaving Iran.”

Voters should bear in mind that Crooked Hillary Clinton has made the continuation of the Obama’s surrender approach a top priority. The only possible difference being that Crooked Hillary and Bill might just skim a little of the ransom cash for themselves each time they paid it.

So if you are thinking of traveling abroad in 2017 and you want to do it in relative safety, without a $100 million target on your head, you need to vote for Donald Trump. Rest assured if the Iranians try kidnap American citizens and hold them for ransom on Trump’s watch, they’ll only do it once!




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