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“Eggan McMuffin”

After a great McFlurry of activity, the Republican establishment’s spoiler candidate ”Eggan McMuffin” has managed to get his name on the Utah ballot.

Independent Conservative spoiler candidate Eggan McMuffinGuess who is cheering the loudest?

Yes, Crooked Hillary and her campaign. They think that’s another state that the traitors within the Republican Party have handed to them.

The same thing happened with Colorado, drawing a similar reaction from Crooked Hillary’s gang.

But “McMuffin” missed the deadline to make it on to the California ballot. Guess the Californians will have to make do with Happy Meals instead.

So much for “McMuffin’s” pledge to run in all fifty states.


Stupid People

The one thing you can count on really stupid people for, is being so stupid they can’t figure how stupid they really are. Thus when they meet rejection they don’t recognize it and give up. They imagine they’re still doing well and carry on regardless.

If you want the science here’s a McNugget of information. It’s called the Dunning–Kruger effect and it is a cognitive bias in which low-ability individuals suffer from illusory superiority, mistakenly assessing their ability as much higher than it actually is.

Another curiously amusing fact is that “McMuffin” styles himself as an independent “conservative”. Now, at the risk of making him transgender and getting Obama excited, if ever there was a Whopper that’s one.

mcmuffin independent conservative my ass“McMuffin’s” problem is that his “conservative” label does not sit well with a candidate who is attempting to ensure that Crooked Hillary and not Donald Trump becomes the next president. A president who would, among other things, ensure that the Supreme Court is forever (or for the next few decades at least) removed from conservative influence.

The truth here is that the whole “conservative” tag that “McMuffin” claims is, like himself and those who support him, a great big fraud.

As has been noted elsewhere, in three years of Facebook posts, “McMuffin” never commented on a domestic issue, economic or social, nor did he say anything on any specific issue that a diehard Democrat couldn’t applaud.

You may well see more stories about “Eggan McMuffin” in the liberal media as they scramble around to try to find anything and everything, no matter how obscure, to try to damage Donald Trump, but he’s just had his 15 minutes of fame as far as we are concerned.




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