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Media Bias

This week the incredibly biased mainstream media have been working overtime to write and talk about Donald Trump’s 2 Amendment comment during a recent rally.

Trump said that those who believe strongly in the 2nd Amendment could help prevent Crooked Hillary from winning the presidency.

biased media headlineTo anyone sensible the meaning was clear. Those who supported the 2nd Amendment’s right to bear arms are a powerful and numerous group of people who, if they got out and voted for Trump on November 8th, could cause the defeat of Crooked Hillary.

But the Crooked Hillary campaign immediately started spinning the meaning of Trump’s comment and distorted it in a way that would hurt him and possibly help her.

They were quickly assisted by the MSM. All of a sudden Trump’s innocent comment was turned into some kind of sinister veiled threat to kill Crooked Hillary.


Familiar Sequence

Their deliberately malicious misinterpretation is complete nonsense, but it follows a familiar sequence of events that have been going on ever since Trump entered this election race.

Every word Trump utters is analyzed to see if there is a way to distort its meaning and turn it against him.

At the same time every word uttered by Crooked Hillary is accepted at face value without distortion or spins of any kind – even the blatant lies, of which there are many..

Don't believe the liberal mediaFew of the reporters, who are mainly left-wing liberal socialists anyway, think about what they are saying and writing, nor do they bother to do any research on the facts. One just repeats the other and the truth never gets a look in.

These idiot reporters haven’t even figured out that you can’t defend Crooked Hillary. The woman is completely corrupt and has been for decades.

Even when Wikileaks’ Julian Assange suggested that recently murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich was the source of the DNC email leaks did the media take a breath and stop and think about what they were reporting.

If they had, and if they had done any research at all into the very thing that they were attacking Trump about, they would have quickly found that Crooked Hillary was even more open to such attacks than Trump.


Remember 2008?

It just happens that way back in 2008, during the Democrat primaries that year, Crooked Hillary was running against, not Donald Trump, but none other than Barrack Obama.

Fairly early in the primaries it was clear that Obama was going to win the Democrat nomination and Crooked Hillary was going to lose.

Most Democrats were telling Crooked Hillary to drop out of the race to allow the party to unity for the general election.

But Crooked Hillary, who arrogantly thought she was “entitled” to the nomination wouldn’t back down.

Hillary Robert Kennedy ObamaHer reason for remaining in the race? Well on May 24, 2008. Crooked Hillary told everyone, “My husband did not wrap up the nomination in 1992 until he won the California primary somewhere in the middle of June, right? We all remember Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June in California.”

How easy would it have been to interpret those words as a veiled threat to Obama?

But, of course, it was Crooked Hillary who made that statement, not Donald Trump, so it didn’t make the news 24/7 for the next four or five days. It was mentioned here and there, but quickly forgotten.

Democrat politicians didn’t soil themselves and berate their candidate, as some of the weak establishment hacks in the Republican Party have done with Trump. In fact when Crooked Hillary made her remarks even Republicans didn’t call into question her mental state or fitness for the office the same way Democrats and the most of the media have done to Trump.

Oh yes – and no one had the gall to call Crooked Hillary’s comments a criminal act, the way some low lives have tried to do to Trump.



Fair? No, it’s not. But this race has never been a fair one for Donald Trump – and, let’s face it, it never will be.

On the one hand he has had to endure the wrath of the Crooked Hillary campaign, who desperately need this election to be about Trump lest anyone would think about her accomplishments which are zero and her unfitness to hold any public office let alone the Oval Office.

trump cannot be boughtOn the other hand Trump has also been the victim of a hate campaign from the establishment within the GOP, who see power slipping from their grasp and are thrashing around desperately to try to regain control. These RINO traitors to America would rather see establishment candidate Crooked Hillary in the White House than their own party nominee.

If Donald Trump did not truly love America and believe that he can make it great again with the help of the great movement of people who have come to support him, then why would an ultra successful multi-billionaire with a wonderful family and lifestyle go through all this?

Think about that one when you are bombarded by stories from the biased mainstream media.

Trump is in this fight to try to make America great again. He deserves your blessing, your support and your vote in November.


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