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Big Trouble For Hillary

Forget the recent very biased news headlines from the MSM. The truth is Crooked Hillary is in trouble, big trouble.

A recent poll of North Carolina voters, released by the Civitas Institute, shows Trump leading Crooked Hillary by 46 percent to 42 percent.

That’s not so surprising when you find a poll that’s honest, unlike Reuters and some others who have started to deliberately skew results in Crooked Hillary’s favor.

black Americans support TrumpHowever, even their skewed results couldn’t hide the fact that almost one third (32 percent) of African-Americans polled by Civitas said that they were voting for Donald Trump.

That Crooked Hillary is losing such a substantial portion of an overwhelmingly pro-Democrat demographic is bad news for her election prospects.

Of course, what is bad news for Crooked Hillary is good news for Donald Trump – and for America, so not to worry.

In 2008, Obama narrowly won North Carolina, by just 0.4 percent only because he won more than 87% of the black vote, many of whom turned out to elect the nation’s first African-American president. How disappointed must many of them be feeling now after almost eight years of Obama rule and their own circumstances not improving one bit.

Establishment and Wall Street funded Crooked Hillary can’t offer anything like that level of motivation and with only 68 percent support, or less, from that demographic she can’t win NC.



The news is even better among independents. Most polls of the nation and battleground states consistently show Republican nominee Donald Trump besting Democratic nominee Crooked Hillary.

This lead among independent/non-party affiliated voters for Trump is also found in polls where Clinton leads overall.

For example, in a recent poll of national voters from Public Policy Polling, Clinton leads Trump 46 percent to 41 percent. However, among independent voters Trump leads 42 percent to 35 percent.

supporters at trump rallyIn another recent national poll from CNN/ORC, Trump leads Clinton 44 percent to 39 percent. This poll has Trump leading Clinton by 18 percent among independents, 46 percent to 28 percent. Libertarian candidate Gov. Gary Johnson has 15 percent of the independent support in this poll.

A poll of voters nationally from YouGov has Clinton ahead of Trump 40 percent to 38 percent. That same poll has Trump leading with independent voters 38 percent to 26 percent.

Then there is the votes that Trump will pick up from former Bernie Sanders supporters who are still extremely angry at the deceitful campaign the DNC and Crooked Hillary ran to cheat him out of the nomination.

Donald Trump’s more nationalist message might be turning off establishment Republicans — but it’s clear, if Trump continues to mobilize previously Democratic voters, Hillary Clinton’s campaign could be in big, big trouble.




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