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Obama On Steroids

A Crooked Hillary presidency would be like the Obama administration on steroids.

hillary-promisesCrooked Hillary has promised, not only to continue with Obama’s foolhardy, failed and economically destructive policies, but to ramp them up to new and more dangerous levels.

Just to give two examples, Crooked Hillary says she will increase the already dangerously high numbers of unvetted Syrian refugees entering America by more than 500 percent.

This will be enhanced by a continued “open border” policy, so how many terrorists, criminals and other low-lives will be allowed to flood into the country to intimidate and attack legitimate law-abiding citizens, who meantime will be disarmed and not allowed to defend themselves? It hardly bears thinking about, but we have to think about it. The dangers are clear.

Then there’s the whole debacle that is Obamacare. It has been a monumental disaster right from its inception, through the setting up of its $5 billion website that never worked, to the present where the public are facing steep increases in health insurance premiums, particularly in some key battleground states.

Obamacare-premium-rates-increasingFor millions of Americans who do not receive taxpayer-funded subsidies under the Affordable Care Act, the health cost savings promised by Obama never materialized. Ed Heislmaier, a senior research fellow at the Heritage Foundation, estimated that insurance premiums this year rose about 16 percent compared to the year before. Next year the increases will be much worse, unless Donald Trump gets elected and consigns the whole disastrous policy to the trash can of history.

Those are just two examples of how bad a Crooked Hillary presidency would be. You could add many other things to the list, from trashing the 2nd Amendment, to weakening the military, to accepting bribes from foreign countries for presidential favors, to the continued murdering of unborn children.

If you want all this and worse, if you want the destruction of America, then you have to vote for Crooked Hillary.

But if you love your country and want to make America great again, then in November please go out and vote for Donald Trump.




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